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Stability as a basis for evolution

Date added: 04th Jun 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

One of the worst kept secrets in sport has finally been confirmed with the news that Jose Mourinho is to return as Chelsea manager.  Promising quality, work, love and passion, Jose Mourinho says that the only difference between this appointment and the previous one is that he is already in love with the club, already “one of you”.

Commenting on his return BBC correspondent Gordon Farquar said that Jose will be very good for the Premier League adding that he “understands how to talk to the fans, make the players motivated and play the media.”  Certainly when it comes to the players, Jose seems to have a strong idea of the mix required between stability to bring out the best in a young team and the constant need to evolve and improve.

Interestingly when speaking to Chelsea TV, Jose Mourinho outlined a priority which many business leaders would do well to emulate.  Alongside the aims of working hard and working professionally was the need to “improve individually, improve collectively and improve the structure of the club around the football team.”

It may be tempting to think of “our people as our biggest asset” as only a business cliché but whether in football or any other business, once we work to improve individuals, improve team skills and improve systems and processes for the benefit of our employees then employee engagement and all the benefits which that brings is not far away.

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