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Strategy and teamwork – a winning formula

Date added: 10th Jun 2016
Category: Leadership

Turning a collection of individuals into a strong team which delivers the strategy and creates game-changing wins. What business can learn from the Euros

You’ve worked on and shaped and honed your strategy in order to deliver success. You’ve studied the marketplace and your current and future competitors; trying to ensure that you are ready to meet and counter even those disruptors who haven’t featured largely in the past but have the potential to come up with something game changing.

With your strategy in place you’ve worked hard with your people, engaging them with espoused values and building a team which is stronger together and therefore capable of delivering far more than any one talented individual could achieve on their own. And although you’ve taken a lot of time to ensure your team understands what you want them to deliver and the way in which you want them to approach their task, you haven’t shut the door on innovation; on seeing and seizing an opportunity which will deliver a memorable win.

Along the way, you’ve turned a collection of individuals into a team of leaders, all bringing their own individual talents and skills and decision making capabilities to bear on creating a unified performance which will be held up as a model for others to follow.

Football or business; the remarks equally apply. May your strategy work and your team deliver.

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