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Striking a balance

Date added: 28th Apr 2014
Category: Customer Experience

With the impending 48 hour tube strike in London looming ever nearer, Transport for London has issued a travel advice document which sets out those services which they believe will be affected.  For businesses, this is the time to dust off those continuity plans and talk to employees about the use of alternate sites or working from home options.

In the midst of all the arranging and re-arranging of plans it is understandable that leaders and managers concentrate on the now with the practicalities of logistics and cover very much to the fore.  But episodes such as strikes or fierce weather can also bring unrivalled opportunities for employee and supplier engagement and for customer care.

For example, businesses which operate on an appointments basis might want to proactively contact customers to suggest alternative venues or appointment times; businesses which are expecting deliveries might want to speak to suppliers and discuss alternatives; and all businesses might want to work with employees to work out what is best for those employees rather than for the business itself.

When something happens to disrupt the smooth running of business, it is how much care an organisation shows when tackling the problem which sets it apart from the rest.  Short term hiccups may weigh the business down temporarily but by showing genuine care for its people, clients and the wider world the rewards more than balance out in the long term.

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