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Success breeds success

Date added: 09th Jul 2013
Category: Behavioural Change

Few thought that last year’s summer of sport could be topped but it now seems as though the party has rolled right on through the winter and into 2013.  Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph may have turned our attention away from the British Lions’ crushing defeat of the Wallabies but who would now doubt that we can go on to win the Ashes and then sweep all before us at the athletics and IPC athletics world championships.

Success breeds success may be a cliché but it is one which has a strong grounding in truth.  When we see success we are inspired to believe, to step up to the mark and to try that little bit harder to succeed.  Sports such as rowing are already seeing the Olympic effect at grass roots levels with standards of competition at even very junior levels being much higher than before.  Now we have seen the effects first hand of the way in which hard work can transform a good tennis player into a great one, a fitting antidote to the “instant win” competitions we have seen on our screens in past years.

But it is not just on the playing fields that we can learn from the success breeds success mantra.  Businesses too can make a huge difference to employee engagement, innovation, productivity and success by taking steps to encourage positive behaviour and to lead by example.  When the influencers within the business step up to the challenge of being exceptional the rest will strive to follow and when success is all around, who knows what can then be achieved.

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