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The north wind doth blow

Date added: 27th Mar 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

Back in January when we wrote about snow flurries we little thought that the cold weather would last until the end of March.  Unfortunately for all those who were hoping that Easter would see the end of the bad weather, the Met Office’s latest 30 day forecast predicts much of the same until the end of April with temperatures some 5° colder than average throughout the month.

With some economic forecasters predicting that the continued cold will lead directly to the dreaded triple dip recession, the Met Office prediction is likely to cast a gloom over businesses across the board.  However, aside from the immediate business impact, those organisations which care for the welfare of their employees may need to put in some extra efforts to keep employees engaged and spirits high.

Cold saps the mind as well as the body.  Even if offices are well heated, the effort of travelling to and from work and of keeping warm at home puts a continuous strain on the mental well being as well as the finances.  Add in the effects of a lack of sunshine and even offices which are normally cheerful hives can become sunk in solemn gloom.  That’s when the leadership team earn their stripes, finding ways to lift the spirits and pull the team together.

In the nursery rhyme when “the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow”, poor robin has the option to “sit in a barn and keep himself warm, and tuck his head under his wing.”  We don’t have that luxury but by taking positive steps we can make a difference to our employees and warm their spirits.

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