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The power of data

Date added: 18th Oct 2013
Category: Culture of conduct/ethics

When we talk about creating an organisational culture which leads to exceptional customer service it can be all too easy to concentrate on the people aspects of that culture.  So we look at customer contact, at creating engaged employees who work for the benefit of the customer or possibly at putting in systems which smooth the customer pathway.

But rather like an iceberg, in many organisations the majority of employees may never come into contact with a customer and the majority of the processes which govern experience run unseen in the background.  Organisations which want to create outstanding levels of customer service and care need to take care that these people and processes are as engaged in the values and aims of the organisation as those who are in direct customer contact.

Take data safety for example.  There have been plenty of high profile cases of data being lost from laptops or data devices and yet there are businesses and organisations which still treat personal customer data as a throwaway commodity which can be shared around with impunity.  A wake up call is on the way however with new EU data protection regulations being finalised in Brussels.

One key aspect of these regulations will be tightened controls in respect of data being transferred outside the EU.    The measures are seen by some as an EU attempt to wrest data power back from the USA; but with potential fines of between 2% and 5% of global turnover for breaches, the regulations will make organisations think again about the way in which customer care means taking care of every aspect of the customer journey including data protection.

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