Derek Bishop


The power of positivity

Date added: 23rd Jun 2014
Category: Leadership

Portugal’s 95th minute goal against the USA in the world cup illustrates yet again the power of positivity, of never giving up even when the odds are seemingly against you.  It is a power which is demonstrated time and time again in the sporting arena.  Wimbledon opens its doors today and no doubt whilst there will be some straight sets victories, we will also see players turn around a seemingly unsurpassable deficit to create memorable victories.

Sport, it is generally acknowledged, is as much about mental toughness and approach as it is about talent.  Ask any sports commentator and they could furnish you with a list of players who had the talent but always fell at the final hurdle.  But having that mental toughness, turning the preparation and training into success is not just the preserve of the sportsman.  Business leaders too need to have that tenacity of purpose to turn vision into vctory.

Far too many business initiatives fail not through lack of planning or because they were the wrong idea, but simply because leaders gave up at the first hurdle. Admittedly when you are turning a business around, transforming disengaged employees into a positive engaged force or moving towards a culture of innovation the road can be tough.  Inertia, ‘we’ve always done it this way’ and back watching line managers can create huge roadblocks on the pathway to success.  But having the courage and the tenacity to stick to the plan and drive through to success is what differentiates true leaders from footnotes in history.

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