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The pre-Budget free for all

Date added: 18th Mar 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

With the 2013 Budget fast approaching, keen observers are well into the annual “call for a…” game.  The Budget traditionally provides an ideal opportunity for policy groups across the UK to highlight their own specialities and this year is no exception.  So we have seen calls for more house building, help for businesses large and small, more investment in social care, tweaks to the VAT regime, tax simplification, international trade and so on.

Whilst a few groups may be putting forward their case simply for the publicity, the vast majority are genuinely trying to come up with solutions which they believe will help to boost their own industry or sector.  The task for George Osborne is that he has to weigh all of these calls up against the overall prosperity of the nation without losing sight of the Government’s financial roadmap.

As usual, whatever the final outcome it will please some, disgruntle others and leave many unaffected.  But whilst the Budget gets all the headlines, similar decisions are being made every day in businesses and organisations across the UK.   When times get tough strategic decisions have to be made on the best way to allocate resources.

The trick for the leadership team is to ensure that any lobbying from one department or another is carried out with a view to the overall the interests of the business and that steps are taken to engage employees in the future of the organisation.  This means ensuring that silo mentalities are banished and the vision is cascaded throughout the business rather than being locked away in the upper echelons.

You can’t please all the people all of the time but engaging employees so that they work together for the overall good will go a long way towards strengthening the future of the organisation.

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