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Time for a break?

Date added: 09th Nov 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

only 75% of UK workers expect to take all, or almost all, of their annual leave this year.

Going anywhere nice for your holidays? Even if you’re spending time at home, it’s good to see that you are planning on taking a break. According to a recent YouGov survey, only 75% of UK workers expect to take all, or almost all, of their annual leave this year.

Actually, to put the statistics in context, the survey put the UK in first place when it comes to taking a full holiday entitlement. In the survey of 22 countries, only 43% of Australian workers plan to take their full holiday allowance and even in the USA where the average paid holiday time is just 12 days per year only 44% intend to make the most of the days allotted to them.

Should we be celebrating that we are on top of this survey, or should we be concerned that 25% of UK employees are voluntarily giving up the time off to which they are entitled? Even discounting those who admitted to carrying forward holiday deliberately, it is a stark indication of the way in which employers are failing to engage with the needs of their people. The longer people go without a break the more mentally tired they get. Whilst the effects may not show immediately, over time this can lead to people becoming stressed, volatile, and eventually having to take extended periods of sick leave. Even in the short term, the lack of a proper holiday break can lead to a greater prevalence of errors and to a slowdown in work rate.

Engaged and enthusiastic employees are the greatest asset an organisation can have. For the sake of those people and of the organisation it makes sense to show you care by insisting on holidays entitlement being taken up.

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