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Time to be rewarding

Date added: 17th Jul 2017
Category: Employee Engagement

There is rarely a time when showing appreciation or saying thank you is out of place.

There may be time a place for everything, but there is rarely a time when showing appreciation or saying thank you is out of place. And it doesn’t even have to be a big gesture to be appreciated in return. A colleague fondly remembers decades ago the manager of a large department in a very hierarchical organisation who made a point of coming out into the office to wish somebody a happy birthday or to enquire about a recent holiday.

Admittedly their secretary reminded them, but the gesture was so out of tune with the rest of the organisation that it made a positive impact on the whole department. Nowadays of course we don’t need to rely on other people or manual calendars to remind us of important events. A simple post in any one of a number of programs or social media sites will guarantee that we have very little excuse for forgetting special events.

But digital technology doesn’t simply act as a reminder tool. Businesses which are looking to build employee engagement and a sense of togetherness can also take advantage of reward and recognition tools. Interactive boards enable colleagues to recognise and highlight good work carried out by their peers and reports, as well as fostering a culture of appreciation through ongoing feedback.

Culture Consultancy works with businesses to identify the optimum mix of reward and recognition tools to build a culture of appreciation.  To start your digital engagement journey, get in touch and book an initial assessment today.


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