Jo Geraghty


‘Tis the season to say thank you

Date added: 23rd Dec 2013
Category: Employee Engagement

Like it or not, Christmas time is finally upon us in all its glory.  Those who prepared months in advance are sitting smugly with presents wrapped and food preparations well underway whilst the not-so-organised are desperately scribbling cards and wondering if the rain will ever stop so they can dash to the shops for last minute presents.

But however organised you are, whatever your personal beliefs, there is one message which tends to shine through at this time of the year and that is the importance of saying thank you.  Thanks for the presents or the card, thanks for your work or your support or thank you for just being there.

Showing appreciation, recognising someone’s contribution to our businesses or to our personal lives doesn’t take much but the simple act of saying thanks is often repaid in increased loyalty, friendship or engagement.  As we leave 2013 and move into a new era of growth and prosperity perhaps business leader’s New Year resolutions should be to say thank you more often.  After all it is one of the key steps in employee engagement and with the team working strongly to fulfil the strategy and values of the business and to provide exceptional levels of customer service, 2014 may shape up to be a year to remember.


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