Culture Assessments

From the identification of strengths and weaknesses to an assessment as a prelude to M&As, the Culture Consultancy suite of products and assessment solutions helps organisations to understand their DNA.  Put simply, if you don’t know where you are then you are never going to arrive at your chosen destination.  Cultural assessments can help to drive successful mergers and acquisitions, to integrate new processes and to form the basis for a strategic review. 

Whilst every challenge is unique, when devising the optimum assessment strategy for an organisation the Culture Consultancy team of experienced practitioners have a tried and tested suite of assessment methodologies to call on.  These include team/division or overall company assessments, compliance or innovation assessments and self-assessment programmes to aid ongoing monitoring.

When organisations call on us to create alignment, or re-alignment, between the business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered or to create a new business strategy which will deliver game-changing performance and exceptional customer outcomes we generally find that a culture assessment is the first step.  Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative assessments enables us to maximise results whilst minimising disruption.

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  • Team, Division or organisational assessments
  • Compliance assessments
  • Innovation assessments
  • Self-assessment

Culture change readiness

Is your organisation ready for change?  What strengths and weaknesses do its leadership and employees bring to the mix?  Are silos, archaic working practices or inertia waiting to sink any attempt at change?  Until the problem has been identified the solution will always be suspect.  

On a positive note, culture change assessments can also be used as a first step in engaging employees in the idea of change.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

Know yourself to improve yourself.

Auguste Comte

Depending on which research you look at, between 70% and 90% of M&As fail.  Look at the underlying failure reasons and many can be traced back to a lack of cultural due diligence.  Taking the time to undertake a full cultural assessment before signing on the line can not only highlight mergers which should not take place at all, it can also help to pave the way for culture change implementation within the new organisation.

Silo working, them and us, employee disengagement, customer dissatisfaction; all can be avoided if a cultural assessment is carried out in a timely fashion.