Digital Solutions

Digital solutions free people to deliver great outcomes.

Culture Consultancy looks to work with the best, most progressive, thinkers in the technology arena; delivering a tech solution which best meets client’s requirements. We work to identify solutions to sit at the heart of your business; opening up areas such as collaboration, learning and engagement; freeing your people from the day to day in order that they can deliver tomorrow’s success.

When working with organisations to identify the most appropriate technology solutions we plan every step with three main goals in mind:

  • How the technology helps to fully embed desired culture and behaviours
  • How your employees can gain from the digital solutions recommended
  • How digital solutions deliver the vision, values and outcomes

This page presents a flavour of the digital solutions available. As practitioner consultants the Culture Consultancy team works with organisations to identify the most appropriate technology solutions which will help the leadership and employees to deliver the strategy.

  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Workplace productivity tools
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Reward and recognition tools
  • Learning tools

The right tool for the job

Collaboration and communication tools

In a collaborative and flexible workforce which is looking to create innovative solutions, communication is key to success. Collaboration and communication tools bring a new way of working, freeing up teams to innovate, to create and to co-work. Team members and groups can be added to specific projects as required, updates can be shared and communications flow across either open or private channels. Day-to-day workflows can easily be managed through shared files, documents or archive search; whilst the ability to assign tasks within the software helps to ensure workflow stays on track.

Workplace productivity tools

The productivity gap is an ongoing concern across the UK. By deploying workplace productivity tools organisations are able to free their people from the mundane in order to deliver enhanced productivity. With the administrative workload reduced, leaders are more able to see where gaps lie and deploy teams accordingly. Digital hubs not only enable real-time tracking; when combined with mobile apps employees are empowered to access on the go or work remotely. Workplace productivity tools also deliver a more visual way to view workflow and are therefore more intuitive for employees to not only understand where they need to be but also their place within the organisation.

Employee engagement tools

Self managed and interactive employee engagement tools help to put engagement in the hands of your people. They enable collaboration, connecting employees so they learn from each other and they can generate social interaction; perhaps through mini missions which encourage employees to modify behaviours. Employee challenges can be set either top-down or bottom-up, whilst surveys and feedback can be gathered in real-time; enabling the business to react instantly to any changes in engagement levels.

Reward and recognition tools

Further building engagement and a sense of togetherness, reward and recognition tools can build a culture of appreciation via ongoing feedback. Peer-to-peer recognition is enabled through interactive boards, giving individuals the option to thank colleagues who help them to succeed.

Learning tools

In today’s holistic innovative marketplace, learning has to shift in order to enable employees to develop continuously. Learning tools not only deliver ongoing as and when training, by linking to other digital solutions such as self managed engagement programs, they make employees more active participants in their own development. Continuous development also enables organisations to better prepare employees for their next position, helping to continually increase the skill level of the business.

The benefit of Digital Solutions

Digital solutions put organisations in control of their own destiny. By removing the day-to-day they free up people to deliver ongoing success. People are able to enhance their learning as and when they need to, to collaborate and communicate, to share and engage.

To start your digital journey, contact us to arrange an initial assessment. We won’t deliver a one size fits all approach but we will help you to identify and embed digital solutions which enable you to deliver your vision.

“The only wrong move when it comes to Digital Transformation is not to make any move at all”.
Didier Bonnet, Senior VP CapGemini