Employee Engagement Tools

From developing understanding to designing a solution the Culture Consultancy suite of products and engagement solutions helps organisations to align people with business strategy.  According to a survey by the Contact Centre Association, every disengaged employee costs the company 46% of their salary in lost production, making employee engagement a top line priority for every organisation.

Whilst every challenge is unique, when devising the optimum employee engagement strategy for an organisation the Culture Consultancy team of experienced practitioners have a tried and tested suite of engagement assessments and solutions to call on.  These include on-line surveys, a self-managed suite of resources and activities, focus groups, internal communication reviews and one-to-one coaching.

Employee engagement is not a fluffy nice to have option; it is an imperative for all organisations which want to optimise profitability, create future-proof innovative solutions and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  Put simply, without engagement there is no alignment between business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered.

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  • On line surveys
  • Suite of resources and activities
  • Focus groups
  • Communication reviews

Employee led solutions

The Culture Consultancy employee led engagement solution turns employee engagement into a self-managed engagement journey, rather than a management or HR driven initiative.  This online programme enables employees to take control of their own engagement and enables leaders to get the best out of their people.  The programme includes surveys, development resources and activities which are all designed to help individuals and teams to work more closely together and to engage with the organisation.

The programme is driven by individuals via online self-managed speed training activities.  Team leaders can review progress and suggest further activities, many of which are delivered in bite sized chunks and can therefore be undertaken in a team meeting or work break.  User friendly with easy to view goals, resources, activities and progress charts the programme can transform the attitude and work ethos of individuals, teams and leaders


Engagement solutions

Companies with 9.3 engaged employees for every disengaged employee post earnings per share which are 147% higher than their competitors – Gallup

Just as there is no such thing as a typical organisation, so there is no one engagement solution.  That is why in some cases we recommend the use of on-line, self-managed tools which enable organisations to measure and undertake activities which will improve engagement.

But there are times when individual intervention is required.  Activities such as focus groups, individual interviews and coaching can all help to bring employees on line.  Internal communications too play a strong part in helping employees to feel as though they are valued members of the community.