Leadership Development Programmes

From executive coaching to developing emerging leaders, the Culture Consultancy suite of products and leadership solutions enables leaders to take their organisations to a new level.  Leaders can arise at any level within an organisation and ‘leaders without a title’ can be some of the most influential when it comes to successfully embracing and embedding change.  

Whilst every challenge is unique, when devising the optimum leadership development solution the Culture Consultancy team of experienced practitioners employ a mix of bespoke products and tried and tested coaching solutions.  These include The Leadership Challenge, Emerging Leaders programme, Board and leadership team facilitation and Executive coaching.  

Leadership is a journey not an arrival and to carry the team with them leaders need to be confident of themselves and of their leadership style.  Leadership coaching helps individuals to hone the skills which they will need to optimise organisational performance whilst team facilitation draws groups of disparate individuals together into a united whole.

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  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Emerging Leaders programme
  • Board & Leadership team facilitation
  • Executive coaching

The Leadership Challenge™

Developed by Kouzes and Posner The Leadership Challengeis based on research compiled over twenty years with case studies from 10,000 leaders and 50,000 constituents.  Based around the five key practices which characterise exceptional leaders, The Leadership Challengeis one of the most respected leadership programmes in the world.  The programme includes the Leadership Practices Inventory™, a diagnostic tool which is key to understanding personal leadership effectiveness.

Emerging Leaders programme

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. 

John Quincy Adams

Our Emerging Leaders programme helps those who are on the lower rungs of their personal leadership ladder to unlock their leadership capability.  Via a mix of assessments, coaching and workshops individuals not only learn leadership, influencing and communication skills but also are coached in strategic awareness, change programmes and employee engagement.

The executive team may initially devise strategy, values, beliefs and behaviours but it is the emerging leaders who will translate that strategy into success.  Educating, engaging, empowering and enabling emerging leaders to play a full role in the organisation is a necessity not an option.