Future Organisational Culture Change Packages

From designing new propositions to aligning brand and culture the Culture Consultancy suite of products and culture design solutions helps organisations to create game-changing synergies.  The business world is ever changing and unless organisations are geared up to meet tomorrow’s challenges today they will be left behind.  Whether a merger or acquisition means a freshly combined culture is required or whether a revamp is needed to breathe new life into the organisation, success comes from taking time to map out and design new pathways. 

Whilst every challenge is unique, when devising the optimum culture for an organisation the Culture Consultancy team of experienced practitioners have a tried and tested suite of assessment methodologies to call on.  These include mission, vision and values workshops, behavioural competency frameworks, new proposition design applications and brand and cultural alignment programmes.

Understanding your organisational DNA, designing the culture which will take you securely into the future and creating the roadmap are some of the key attributes of an outstanding leadership.  Taking time to design a strong foundation not only smoothes out the implementation pathway but also can act as a key step in gaining the buy-in of key stakeholders and employees.

  • Mission, vision and values workshops
  • Behavioural competency frameworks
  • New proposition design applications
  • Brand and cultural alignment programmes.

Mission, vision and values workshops

Defining the mission, vision and values which will drive the organisation forward is never an easy proposition, particularly if the change follows a merger or acquisition.  Platitudes are easy to come by but if game-changing performances are to result, statements have to be backed by tangible frameworks which will set new beliefs and behaviours throughout the organisation.  

Our experienced facilitators will use their expertise in new proposition design and behavioural competencies to guide the leadership team through the definition process via workshops, validation exercises and culture change mapping.

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Brand and cultural alignment

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L Peters

When start-up organisations grow or when mergers or acquisitions change the shape of the company, it is easy for the brand and the culture to fall out of line.  What worked for two people in a shed may not produce optimum results when the organisation grows to 20 or even 200.  Culture changes all of the time and the leaders who understand this and continually refine vision and values are more likely to succeed.  

Through a combination of workshops and mapping tools, using quantative and qualitative analysis our practitioners can help leaders to keep ahead of the game.