Changing Company Culture

Designing a set of beliefs and behaviours which align employees with strategy, thus creating a strong future for an organisation. For more information on our changing company culture packages, call 0845 003 5646 today.


Changing Company Culture


Understanding that a culture change is required is one thing, creating the conditions in which the culture can change is quite another.  Start in the wrong place and any move towards change will be defeated by inertia, self-interest and lack of visible progress.

Changing a culture means changing the behaviours of people on an individual level as well as building a supporting organisational structure to ensure that the new culture sticks.  Our practitioners are skilled at designing creative, usable, fit for purpose solutions that will guarantee success. Only by defining vision, values and behaviour, mapping them into attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and then planning a structured and coherent roll out which encompasses robust communications and a by-in from middle management can a culture change programme succeed.

When 93% of executives believe adopting an innovation culture is key to success and yet only 18% believe their strategy will deliver that success you know there is some serious change programme work to be done.

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Changing Company Culture


Lack of change = stagnation.  In truth, organisational culture does change all the time but it is up to the leadership whether that change is a scattergun reaction to outside influences or a controlled and measured drive towards creating exceptional outcomes.  

Creating a culture of agility which flexes to meet the challenges which arise from rapid growth, designing a culture of compliance which values ‘the ethics of care and the ethics of reason’, embracing diversity, merging cultures; whatever challenge, whatever the desired cultural outcome, unless the transition is mapped and structured the transformation won’t happen.

Put simply, the game has changed. It’s now about ‘how’ you do things and that means it’s about culture.  Competitive advantage is all about creating a great company with a strong culture, one that gets the best out of its employees, connects with customers and competes effectively and efficiently.  Culture Consultancy will help you build, communicate and embed the right culture in a structured way.


Changing Company Culture


Taking the time to design a culture change means that when change is rolled out it has a far greater chance of success.  For those who do take the time the benefits are clear to see:  

  • 80% of mergers fail to achieve the expected synergy with culture clash sitting at the heart of many of these failures.  
  • 75% of CEOs say that fast changing market conditions force them to reinvent their organisations quicker than ever before.  
  • Innovation culture now sits within the top 3 leadership priorities.

Put simply if leaders want competitive advantage, engaged employees, a great reputation and satisfied customers then designing the culture of the future needs to start today.


Changing Company Culture


When designing and embedding culture change the golden rule is to measure, act, measure again in a never-ending pattern.  Culture change is not a one-off process which can be forgotten about.  It is a continuous process of improvements which reacts to changing conditions.  

But when a fundamental culture change is in the offing there are some design measurements which will stand an organisation in good stead.  First among these is a cultural assessment which includes an employee engagement measurement alongside a review of leadership, management and ongoing practices.  Workshops to measure and define vision, values and purpose as well as attitudes, beliefs and behaviours also play their part as can focus groups and a review of social media.  

Only through comparing projected and actual outcomes can the leadership truly assess the success or otherwise of the culture change.