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Cultural Immersion Events


Cultural Immersion Programs

Your culture is more than a set of values plastered on the wall- it’s a day-to-day experience that is lived by your employees, customers and partners. When you change your culture, you need your people to step away from the day-to-day and immersing themselves in the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours which drive the future organisational culture- our cultural immersion programs bring that to life for you.

Whatever the reason you’ve designed a new culture whether it be a merger or acquisition of another business, a new proposition an change of leadership or simply the realisation that the culture needs to be reset in order to meet ambitious growth plans, the first step to embedding the new culture is to immerse your people in the experience that it will bring.


Cultural Immersion Events


Cultural immersion is an experiential event which accelerates any culture change programme. By allowing employees to see, hear and feel the culture, they will rapidly understand what attitudes, behaviours and mindset will be expected of them and be able to any obstacles (internal of external) that may prevent them from achieving them.

Cultural immersion events take the culture out into the organisation, helping people to understand and engage with the ethos, approach and behaviours which will drive future success. You won’t get engagement with the culture simply by telling people how you want them to act. Delivering an event, or series of events, enables the leadership team to demonstrate how serious they are about the future shape of the culture and to help people engage in a positive way.


Cultural Immersion Events


Cultural Immersion is an accelerated approach to mindset and behavioural shift. They deliver clarity and understanding, and do so in a positive, high-energy, and interactive way. When business culture evolves, cultural immersion events help people to appreciate and engage with their part in the future success of the organisation. And when businesses merge, cultural immersion activities help to draw separate units into a cohesive whole. Take a look below at the feedback received following one such event:


Cultural Immersion Events


Every organisation is unique and the Culture Consultancy practitioner team would therefore look to deliver a bespoke immersion event. So whilst discovery workshops and facilitated focus groups are on the menu, so too are events which are designed to provoke thought and challenge creativity, to build cohesive teams, or to promote positive behaviours.

For your first step on the road to turning culture design into positive outcomes, contact us to arrange an initial discussion. Strengthening your culture and engagement could be just a call away.

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Cultural Immersion Events