Digital Talent

Setting the right technology to work in pursuit of your strategy, culture, and innovation goals.


Digital Talent


Technology is a fact of life. Big data, artificial intelligence and digital solutions are transforming the face of business; how it conducts itself, the way it develops its products and how it interacts with its customers and others.

Choosing technology which works for the organisation can be a game changer for the business and its employees; freeing people from mundane tasks, enabling engagement and collaboration to thrive, and delivering ‘disruptive’ solutions. Digital enterprises understand this and are increasingly leveraging ‘digital talent’ in pursuit of an innovative strategy which maximises individual contributions within a collaborative culture.

As practitioner consultants, we understand not only the importance of the people element of business but also the way in which technology can help to break down old behaviours and unproductive habits; installing a new approach to team alignment, engagement and culture.


Digital Talent


Next Generation Organisations know that in order to create a strong future they have to embrace new ways of working; bringing company vision and values to life through technology and engagement. Digital talent enables businesses to maximise people skills by enabling collaborative working across desks, departments and continents.

People engagement sits at the very heart of culture and digital talent enables people to deliver. The user experience is a must in today’s tech savvy world and by choosing the right tools, businesses can turn process and procedure into great outcomes.


Digital Talent


Technology enables people to drive success. At Culture Consultancy we help organisations to find the balance between technology and delivery; setting the strategy and vision and identifying the tools to help people to deliver change. Our solutions are bespoke to the individual business but may include:

  • Collaboration tools – to aid the flow of projects or promote effective remote working
  • Reward and recognition tools – offering the option to recognise and reward in real time, thereby promoting employee engagement
  • Project Management tools – for better internal communications and workflow management
  • Team building and engagement event tools – to promote a unified and energetic workforce
  • Online learning platforms – promoting holistic and ongoing training as well as boosting self-managed engagement

Digital Talent


Digital workplaces by their very nature have a suite of unique tools at their fingertips which enable them to measure, build understanding and plan in real time. Out goes the ‘before and after’ single measure to be replaced by a continuous and continuing flow of information. No longer is the information flow restricted or filtered through successive command layers. Nor is it confined to cost or sales.

Digital talent enables businesses to measure and gain an understanding of areas such as collaboration, employee engagement, transparency and communication flow in addition to the more standard measurements. Leaders can gain a genuine insight on the organisation’s most important asset; its people and on how they are working to deliver the vision.

For your first step on the road to leveraging digital talent in pursuit of business success contact us to arrange an initial assessment. We want your next business decision to be driven through genuine insight. Choosing the right technology will help to get you there.