Employee Engagement Solutions

Creating alignment between business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered.


Employee Engagement Solutions


Employee engagement reflects the extent to which employee beliefs and behaviours reflect the values and vision of the organisation.  Although still seen by some as a ‘fluffy sop’ towards employee happiness, engagement is now recognised by the leaders of outstanding organisations as a key driver in the delivery of successful outcomes.

Thanks to its increasing acceptance as a viable business driver, employee engagement has been ‘hijacked’ by those who seek to hang their business furniture/ pool table/ benefits etc services on the engagement tree.  But engagement isn’t a gimmick and whilst gimmicks may play their part in encouraging team spirit and collaboration, at heart engagement is about treating employees as valued team players.  The key to engagement success is through the 4Es of education, engaging, empowering and enabling.  But engagement is not just in the hands of the leadership.  Employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility.


Employee Engagement Solutions


In a commoditised world, competitive advantage and business success can only be delivered by getting the best out of people.  Quite simply, without engagement the leadership can seek to change the culture as much as they like but nothing will happen.

Engaged employees come to work with a smile on their faces; they actively seek out solutions and work towards positive customer outcomes.  As a result clients stay loyal, reputation increases and access to funding becomes easier.  Our practitioner consultants are experienced in designing and implementing an employee engagement programme which will deliver exceptional customer outcomes and ensure strategic success.


Employee Engagement Solutions


For the doubters who still fail to see people as other than a commodity the figures speak for themselves:

  • Contact Centre Association – every disengaged employee costs the company 46% of their salary in lost production.  
  • Unum report via Oxford Economics – The total cost of replacing one employee amounts to £30,614
  • Gallup –  companies with 9.3 engaged employees for every disengaged employee post earnings per share which are 147% higher than their competitors 

Aside from the cost issue, the entire ethos of an organisation can transform when engagement comes into the mix.  Out go silos, personal benefit and jobsworths, in comes a positive can-do attitude, loyalty and innovation.  Creating competitive advantage results from getting the best out of employees, building strong connections with customers and competing effectively and efficiently. None of this will happen unless employee engagement is given priority.


Employee Engagement Solutions


Employee Engagement is measured using a range of subjective and non-subjective methods to get a complete picture and identify what’s currently working well and what needs to be changed or improved.   These may include the use of a staff satisfaction diagnostic tool, online surveys, focus groups and interviews.

Whatever the method chosen the golden rule is to take action, whatever the results.  Studies have shown that in cases where surveys result in little or no action, the levels of employee engagement fall.  Employees need to feel valued and ignoring their comments is the equivalent of a slap in the face.

Engagement surveys also need to be carried out on a regular basis if they are to drive engagement.  Sadly less than 25% of businesses actually survey their employees more than once a year, leaving a huge amount of untapped potential. To maximise their effectiveness employee engagement surveys/insights should be used as real time management information, just like any other figures on a performance dashboard.  They should be frequent with comparisons used to flag up when some things are going well, and when some are not…… thereby giving leaders an opportunity to change things straight away.

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