Evolving culture for SME growth

Evolving your culture to scale


Evolving culture for SME growth


Business Culture – How to evolve your business

Business culture is an ever-changing organism which impacts on and defines every aspect of the way in which your business operates. It’s less ‘what we do’ and more ‘the way in which things are done.’ The impact of culture can be seen in:

  • the leadership style & purpose
  • the values, behaviours and attitudes of its people
  • the views and opinions of its customers, partners and suppliers (reputation)

The culture impact will also be seen across a range of factors including risk management, sustainability, customer experience and innovation.

As practitioner consultants, we understand the importance of business culture not only in delivering a sustainable business model but particularly in enabling businesses to grow and develop in today’s challenging marketplace. Our three-stage approach enables you to evolve your business culture in order to support future aims.


Evolving culture for SME growth


Culture can be modified by every internal and external interaction and without positive guidance it can evolve in manner which is less than ideal. It is hardly surprising therefore that the regulatory authorities across the board are increasingly focusing on culture as a deliverer of customer and investor outcomes.

Businesses which are in a rapid growth phase, perhaps through natural evolution or following a merger or acquisition could easily find that the business has outgrown the culture. This is particularly true of SMEs which can see a rapid evolution away from a tightly-knit start-up team. Unless steps are taken to firstly understand, secondly design and thirdly implement a culture which meets the strategy, the cultural mismatch could mark the end of the organisation.


Evolving culture for SME growth


Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. We could put it more starkly and say that without an aligned culture your strategy will starve. On a positive note, by following the three-step pathway SMEs and others can help to ensure that their growth plans are more likely to succeed.

Not only that, with the leadership taking a positive approach and keeping their hand on the culture tiller, they can ensure that a raft of measures from employee engagement to customer satisfaction deliver strong results. This then acts as a self-feeding improvement spiral helping to further drive growth.


Evolving culture for SME growth


Culture consultancy can bring a range of assessments and approaches to SMEs which are looking to evolve their cultures in order to drive growth. These include discovery workshops and focus groups, Culture Consultancy’s Organisation Culture Assessment™ framework and immersion events.

Building on these we can then work with the leadership in order to devise a development and implementation pathway which aligns culture and strategy and communicates change across the organisation. To take the first step in aligning your culture with your growth plans, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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