Leadership Development Training

Leading the organisation towards success through the medium of a strong culture and employee engagement.


Leadership Development Training


Leadership is a journey not a destination.  Those who are serious about building a successful organisation allied to exceptional customer outcomes know that success only comes through an understanding of self and hard work.  

Leaders don’t necessarily sit at the top of a company.  Leaders without a title, team leaders, middle managers and emerging leaders all have their part to play in the organisation’s journey towards success.  The financial crisis has left many leaders unequipped to perform to their best, thanks in part to control reverting to the top echelons allied with a lack of training.  

Taking up the leadership challenge, learning to engage hearts and minds, to equip others with the skills necessary for success requires strong and confident leadership.  Our practitioner consultants combine excellence theory with practical application and we’re considered by our clients to be ‘intelligent’ and ‘hands-on’, delivering solutions which are fit for purpose.


Leadership Development Training


In a collaborative, innovative, agile world the role of leaders is simply that.  Leaders lead, they guide, they empower and they create the conditions for success.  The bullying, dictatorial, remote leader is a thing of the past, at least in the organisations which have any chance of success in the future.  

Company culture nowadays dictates that the game is now about ‘how’ you do things and about the ethics of care.  This translates into a leadership whose task is to define and introduce a company culture which will deliver exceptional customer outcomes from engaged employees.

Leadership development not only guides leaders towards an understanding of themselves, it also equips them with the tools to bring out the best in others.


Leadership Development Training


When you seek to align people with business strategy; delivering profit through people and purpose, the first point of call is the leadership.  From changing the culture to embrace compliance, risk management or innovation strategies, to engaging employees to create exceptional outcomes the buck starts with the leadership.

Quite simply strong leaders = successful outcomes.  Undertaking a programme of continuing development helps leaders to stay at the top of their game, to understand and use the tools for success and to better position themselves to help others.   And in a changing marketplace leaders have to change; to embrace innovation or to be able to lead their organisation towards a new set of attitudes, behaviours, approaches and structures which will ensure that the culture meets the demands of the wider marketplace.

As leadership gurus Kouzes and Posner said “The work of leaders is change, and the status quo is unacceptable to them.”


Leadership Development Training


Successful leaders need to understand themselves before they can inspire and motivate others.  The first step to leadership development often requires a leadership inventory or review, helping leaders to see themselves as others see them as well as understanding their own personality type.  These reviews may take the form of 360 reviews, personality tests or group reviews.   Without this understanding, leaders may fail to grasp how leadership tools should be properly applied or may be left going through the motions without an appreciation of why those tools are even required.

Employee engagement or cultural assessments may also point the way towards a development need.  Once identified, development pathways may include coaching, board and leadership team facilitation or following a leadership programme such as The Leadership Challenge. 

Subsequent reviews will measure the success of development programmes and assist in designing the next step on the leadership journey.

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