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Next Generation Leadership


Next Generation Leadership Program

“Next Generation Organisations understand that the future will not be delivered through existing ways of working. They know that the game has moved on from ‘what’ to ‘how’ and that they need to master strategic innovation in order to deliver new business models and to deliver differentiated experiences. And to be a Next Generation Organisation they need to focus on three core elements of innovation, namely intelligence, collaboration and adaptability”

That quote from our book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ encapsulates the ideals for Next Generation Organisations; those which are not afraid to step up and be different, to disrupt in order to deliver innovative products and services. The Culture Consultancy team can help people to identify and develop the skills, qualities and mindset which are required in order to lead Next Generation Organisations.


Next Generation Leadership


Understanding the theory is one thing, assimilating the required attitudes and behaviours so that they are evidenced in every decision is quite another. Put simply, the skills and attitudes required for managing through change or for steady-state leadership will need to be developed in order to deliver innovation. This may require a re-evaluation of attitudes to risk, to empowerment and to collaboration. And it will almost certainly require a switch in the approach to setbacks, seeing failure as a learning point rather than a cause for censure.

We are living through the start of the fourth Industrial Revolution, a time in which the abundance of information levels playing fields and sets people outcomes ahead of process. Next Generation Organisations are perfectly poised to take advantage of this new age but they can only do so with the right leadership.


Next Generation Leadership


In writing the ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ book, the Culture Consultancy team drew on their existing practitioner and consultancy expertise as well as researching current thinking in order to develop a practical framework for placing innovation at the core of business. The Next Generation leadership modules build on the ideas within this book, helping people to firstly understand where they sit on the Next Generation leadership chart and then helping them to develop a personal action plan.

Leadership is an ongoing learning experience and modules can be designed to help leaders at any stage through their careers, thereby bringing depth of leadership across organisations.


Next Generation Leadership


From online questionnaires to focus groups and workshops, Next Generation leadership assessments can be tailored to individuals or leadership teams. Development pathways can then be identified in order to meet individual needs or to enable teams to assimilate Next Generation Organisation approaches.

Follow-ups can include immersion events, workshops or one-to-one coaching. To take the first step towards Next Generation leadership, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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