People Development Solutions

Developing people today to create success tomorrow.


People Development Solutions


Training, coaching or learning; call it what you will but if an organisation is going to create game changing products and services then the interaction with its people has to be far more than simply “place tab a into slot b and repeat until it is time to go home.”  Admittedly employees may still need some guidance into the task facing them but if the culture is there and the engagement is there the outcome will surpass expectations.  

People development is the name of the game and that requires a shift in attitude, a recognition that people are an organisation’s best assets and that by nurturing and developing them not only are you creating the leaders of the future you are creating the ‘leaders without a title’ now.  

So people development means carrying out psychometric and behavioural assessments to better match coaching and development pathways to individuals.  It means working on team facilitation and on communication skills and it means providing access to masterclasses on topics such as leadership, accountability and customer outcomes.


People Development Solutions


People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.

John C. Maxwell

When you are trying to create an engaged workforce you have to live the talk.  Simply standing up and telling people you care or that you want them to embrace organisational values means nothing unless you show that you respect them as individuals and that you want to help to bring out the best in them.  People development goes a long way towards creating employees who happily engage in the beliefs and behaviours of the organisation.

But developing people has another benefit and that is the creation of a stable and future-proof workforce.  Putting aside for one moment the cost of replacing a departing employee (£30,000+ according to Oxford Economics) there seems little value in bringing in new people when you have a pool of talent, all steeped in the organisation and all ready to take the next step up.  When lack of promotional and development opportunities are cited as some of the key reasons why employees are looking for a change; it is time to act.


People Development Solutions


Quite simply, when an organisation is serious about people development it creates engaged and skilled employees who are immersed in the beliefs and behaviours of the organisation.  Customer satisfaction increases as employees are more skilled and more ready to take ownership of and solve problems.  Reputation increases as employees and customers alike praise the organisation online and elsewhere.  

But more than that, when an organisation takes the time to develop its people it benefits from a pool of talent which enables it to take the business to the next level.  People development is a game changing activity.


People Development Solutions


Many of the measurements used in assessing levels of employee engagement can also be used as a first step in identifying people development.  As with engagement, to maximise their effectiveness measurements should be seen and used as real time management information, regularly reviewed with an eye towards tweaking development pathways to maximise potential.

Psychometric profiling and behavioural assessments are also useful in helping to identify development needs as are 360° reviews and assessment feedback.

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