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What’s your passion?

Date added: 29th Jun 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

We’ve scarcely had time to draw breath after Glastonbury before the Wimbledon fortnight is upon us; there’s a heatwave in the offing and we have a fantastic summer of sport and music to look forward to. Even for diehard football fans it won’t be long before pre-season friendlies start in earnest and rugby union fans will only have to wait a few short months before the World Cup is upon us.

Whatever your passion, be it sport, music, the arts or indeed any other field, it’s generally fairly easy to find events to look forward to, fellow enthusiasts to share the passion or new converts to bring into the fold. But if asked to list favourite activities, we wonder how many would put their job in the top three?

Before you dismiss this idea out of hand, just stop and think for a moment. Even if you don’t work the standard 9-to-5, it’s a fair bet that you spend a significant number of hours each week working on or within your organisation. The people that you work with share a common goal and purpose and it is to be hoped that you at least have some interest in the product or service which your organisation offers. So why don’t you list your work as one of your passions?

Well, in fact, some do. These are the lucky ones whose organisation understands employee engagement and the importance of aligning people with business strategy. These are the people who look forward to work each day, who are committed to promote the aims and values of the organisation and who not only enjoy their work but also seek to pass on that enthusiasm to customers, suppliers, fellow employees and third parties. Do your employees display a passionate approach towards work? If not, perhaps it’s time for an organisational culture shake up.


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