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Date added: 13th Apr 2015
Category: Employee Engagement

Setting goals and teamwork - what business can learn from a weekend of sporting success

How can teamwork change the merely good into the exceptional?  There are plenty of white papers, academic discussion documents and in depth surveys out there but if you want a quick and powerful example then there is no better place to look than the sporting arena.  And what a raft of examples that threw up for us over the last weekend.

Let’s start with the boat race, arguably one of the greatest displays of teamwork in action with two teams of eight individuals uniting under the guidance of their respective coxes to race over four miles of tricky water.  As the commentators kept reiterating, this is a true team effort and no one individual can carry the boat through on their own.

Or look at Hamilton winning the F1 Chinese grand prix.  He may have been the one on the podium but the way in which racing drivers always talk about we rather than I underlines the huge team effort which combines to make a winning car.  Even US Master’s winner Jordan Spieth had huge support from family and friends at the tournament, not to mention the backup from coaches and others.

Look behind every sporting success and you will find strong teamwork, groups of individuals all striving to play their part in the success.  But that teamwork is nothing unless it is united by a strong drive, by a philosophy which takes the ambition of success and develops it into a vision and plan.  Who better to exemplify that than Jordan Spieth who has been quoted as saying that his philosophy is to “set goals and work hard, stay focused, and reach them as soon as possible,” adding “At each level, I always re-evaluate my goals and establish new ones.”

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