culture is a critical part of any business and we know that to succeed, change needs to be systematically embedded throughout your organisation.  

We offer a bespoke cultural change service, working with you at all levels of your organisation to identify the challenges you face and what’s causing them. We don’t just tell you what needs doing, we bring experience and expertise so we can do the work for you. We offer transparent pricing and will leave you self-sufficient. We want every business we work with to thrive and be able to create a culture which brings out the best in its people.  

our approach.

Great organisational cultures where innovation and collaboration flourish arise when business leaders put people at the heart of their strategy. We work with you to earn buy-in from your people to create a workplace which works for all.  

We use the Culture Consultancy 3 Stage Methodology and 4E’s Human Change Principles to create cultures which are business results led and employee engagement focused. This maximises your internal resources and expertise while developing your people for future capability. 

the CC 3 stage business culture methodology:

Stage 1: Insight

We take time to understand the current culture and what the case for change is.  

This gives us an overview of the existing culture, including identifying enablers and inhibitors of the current culture, with an agreed ‘case for change’ and areas of focus. 

  • Cultural assessment/audit
  • Leadership assessment
  • Building the case for change
  • Culture diagnostics
  • Customer Experience Maturity assessment
  • Employee experience mapping
  • Innovation maturity assessment
  • Existing culture behaviour assessment
  • Gap analysis on culture and brand

Stage 2: Design

We will design the future culture required to deliver the purpose/mission, vision, strategy or performance gain. 

This gives you a fully defined future culture (company values, culture manifesto, or culture deck) that will support your organisation or divisional strategy, plus the supporting story for engaging your people.

  • Designing Purpose/Mission, Vision and Values or Culture manifesto
  • Align culture to strategy
  • Develop Strategic narrative
  • Design creative and engaging communication plan
  • Develop Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Behavioural Competency framework
  • Design measures of success, performance metrics and dashboard
  • Establish and equip culture ambassadors / network
  • Selection of appropriate enabling technologies for culture change

Stage 3: Embed

We build a roadmap and engagement plan to embed the desired culture and make it stick.  

We agree this with you and leave you with the tools you need to support your people on the culture change journey. This embeds the new culture into all work practices to ensure it culture sticks. 

  • New culture implementation roadmaps
  • Engaging communications roll out
  • Culture Immersion events
  • Aligning/integrating cultures
  • Embedding EVP and employee experience
  • Upskilling leaders and managers
  • Mindset and behaviour change roll out
  • Facilitating the embedding – support & challenge or team climate & competence sessions
  • Progress monitoring and hurdle jumping via Pulse surveys and design/steering groups.
  • Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Culture Technology implementation

the 4E’s human change principles.

In our experience people can only truly align and engage with an organisation strategy or culture change initiative where they are properly supported along the journey. This means much, much more than just briefing or training people. To achieve culture alignment throughout the organisation, the 4 principles of Educating, Engaging, Empowering and Enabling people are key to success: 

Providing people with the understanding and rationale behind actions.

Ensuring individuals are motivated and support the organisation in a positive way. 

Encouraging employees to take ownership and responsibility.

Creating the environment and structures to ensure people take action.

the tools we use

To enable any cultural change to be successful and become part of the company DNA, Culture Consultancy use surveys, focus groups, workshops, consultancy, leadership training, coaching, immersion events, diagnostic and profiling tools, alongside cutting edge virtual and augmented reality programmes, gamified learning and nudge behaviour apps as part of our toolkit. Our in-depth understanding of workplace culture allows us to choose the right tools for our clients’ specific needs.  

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