what are immersion events?

Cultural Immersion is an accelerated approach to mindset and behavioural shift. It delivers rapid clarity and understanding in a positive, high-energy, and interactive way. 

They can also be used as a quick-fire way to design the principles of a new culture or extract the core tenets of a culture that’s great but as yet undefined. 

what challenges do they solve?

When business culture evolves, cultural immersion events help people to appreciate and engage with their part in the future success of the organisation. And when businesses merge, cultural immersion activities help to draw separate units into a cohesive whole. Call us for more examples of Immersion Events.

Just a few of our immersion event choices...

Building a one team culture post a merger

Planting the seeds for a culture of wellbeing

Launching the new culture to all staff

Reconnecting with nature to design the future culture

Artistically designing the future culture and bonding the team

Top Team painting their leadership legacy

Empowering the new team to deliver on their mission

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