Our team are all passionate about the impact that people and culture have on business performance. Collectively, we bring to the table more than 100 years’ experience in culture change, leadership, and business transformation. 

We possess a unique mix of industry expertise in HR, communications, leadership, customer service, stakeholder engagement, branding and creative, which means we stand out from the crowd.

We are friendly, astute and innovative with a good mix of grit, flexibility, and fun. We’re definitely not shy and reserved! We won’t do things we don’t believe in, or that we don’t think will have the right impact.


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Derek Bishop – Director

Formerly a customer service leader within financial services, Derek Bishop has over twenty years’ experience of leading people and delivering business results in high volume and complex environments.

As an expert on culture change, leadership development and customer experience he is considered one of the leading thinkers on creating high-performance cultures, enabling the turnaround of under-performing businesses and shaping new start-ups for corporates.  He is also a keynote speaker covering topics such as leadership excellence, high performing teams, organisational culture, creating alignment throughout the end to end service delivery chain, customer service excellence and leveraging the value of outsourcing.

As well as being an author and speaker Derek works with leadership teams of global organisations, helping to deliver sustainable performance improvements through successful organisational culture change. Thanks to his unique skill set, experience and thought leadership perspectives, Derek is also a trusted advisor to several CEOs and senior teams around the world.

Derek has a passion for waterskiing as well as enjoying kayaking, cycling, skiing and worldwide travel.

Jo Geraghty – Director

Formerly Head of HR for Goldman Sachs France and Switzerland and with 16 years’ experience working in change management for various investment banks across the globe, Jo Geraghty brings a wealth of practitioner experience to change projects. 

With a global reputation as an expert in building high performance cultures, Jo specialises in working with CEOs and leadership teams of global organisations operating in large, complex and regulated environments; helping to deliver sustainable performance improvements through successful organisational culture change. Jo is also a speaker on high-performance leadership and organisational culture and a regular guest lecturer at several of the UK’s leading business schools.

A qualified Executive Coach, Jo is motivated by seeing leaders excel in their careers. She has a Diploma in Coaching from The Coaching Academy and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an accredited MiRo Practitioner. She was recognised in the 2017 Smith & Williamson Power 100 Index for her work to boost productivity through positive company culture.

Jo is a sports enthusiast and actively participates in cycling, running and skiing whilst also enjoying theatre, reading and travel. 

Susan Popoola is a Talent Management, Inclusion and Engagement specialists with over 25 years of experience, working cross sector in various transformation projects and programmes with organisations such as Arup, Worley Parsons, London Fire Service, the Department of Health and the Royal Festival Hall. Susan work also extends internationally working with organisations and delegates from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China and the US.

Susan’s work in the people space is augmented and enriched by her additional experience gained working in areas such as Operational Management, Career Outplace, Investment Relations, Community & Youth Work together with a number Board level Director and Advisory roles.

Susan has a deep-rooted belief in human value and is the published author of Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective and Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain. She is also a contributing writer to The Human, Resourced Series by David D’Souza and Remote Working: How to effectively and efficiently work from home in challenging times.

She is currently working on two writing projects on Black Britain and the Value of Women at Work.

Susan is also an established speaker; coming from a diverse, multicultural background with a diversity of experience from across different areas of society and involvement in different aspects of society – most especially young people and people from challenged backgrounds – Susan has the ability to relate to and connect with people from a wider variety of backgrounds.

Piers has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and significant expertise and operational skills across many disciplines in business. He is an active non-executive director, business coach and advisor.  He is the UK Managing Partner for TechCXO, an On Demand executive advisory business that works with business owners and leaders of growth companies to advise/coach/support teams to accelerate growth and drive business performance.

His recent roles include CEO for ImagIT Solutions in Chicago, and was the Founder and CEO of BrightMove Media in London, the world’s first digital taxitop advertising network on London black taxis.

In the late 2000’s Piers launched, built and sold a successful garden leisure retail business.  Prior to this, he managed the turnaround of a European telecoms business on behalf of a prominent US VC.  In 2000, he was VP of Business Development for YAC, an Internet-based unified communications provider and was the founder of the UK operation. Before 2000, Piers co-founded Dimension M, a 25-person technology marketing agency.  He is passionate about innovation and growing businesses.

Piers is an active networker, business advocate and passionate technologist.

Nicola Cardwell

Nicola has 20+ years’ experience working with leaders to deliver their business ambitions through organisational change and development interventions. Nicola has worked predominately in professional services, and has experience in the Energy, FS, Public Services and Health, Telecoms and Charity sectors.

From 2014 – 2018 Nicola led PwC UK’s Inclusive Leadership cultural and behavioural change agenda.  This involved building the Inclusive Leadership strategy and capability of senior business leaders and their teams.  Nicola also led the design and execution of critical interventions to support PwC UK’s published gender and ethnicity talent targets.  Significantly:

  • Breakthrough (2013 – 2016) An OD programme which tackled systemic gender challenges. 56% of participants have since been promoted to Director, 1% to Partner. 
  • An enquiry into PwC’s culture to better understand the under-representation of people from a BAME background in Leadership positions.

Nicola has a reputation for challenging and supporting senior and future leaders, being commercially astute and focused on making a tangible difference.  Nicola has lived and worked in the Middle East and has held several global roles throughout her career.

Nicola holds a Masters in Organisational Development in Leading and Facilitating Transformative Change, is an AoEC Accredited Professional Executive Coach and a Member of the CIPD.

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Nigel Watson – Consultant

Nigel is an advisor, trouble-shooter, coach & facilitator: focusing upon creating a step-change in people’s performance; helping to build greater capacity & resilience within the organisation.

A key enabler & facilitator to programmes of leadership, transformational change & culture, he has worked with many of world’s largest and most effective organisations including: Augusta Westland, BP, BAE Systems, Police, HP, KPMG, Nationwide, Serco & Vodafone. Nigel has also been involved in creating a joint civilian leadership school at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, & working with the England 2003 Rugby World Cup Winning Squad, developing a shift in behaviours & performance.

Originally from the Cumbria, Nigel lives with his wife and three children in rural N. Wiltshire. His passion for ‘off-piste’ travel & exploration led him to co-found the Global Children’s Trust, supporting disadvantaged children across the globe.  His love of sailing also came to the fore when he joined the team responsible for training the skippers/crew of the BT Global Challenge Yacht Races.

Rebecca Taylor – HR Practitioner

Rebecca is a qualified HR Practitioner with more than 12 years’ experience gained within head office, manufacturing, contact centre and service environments.  Rebecca is CIPD qualified and demonstrates an ability to identify an organisation’s HR issues and deliver pragmatic, appropriate and fair solutions. 

Known for her non nonsense,straight talking approach, Rebecca has an ability to make things happen, implementing practical solutions which work for the organisation.  Prior to becoming a consultant she held senior HR and Organisation Development roles in the manufacturing and service industries. 

She holds the Saville & Holdsworth Occupational Testing Level 2 certificate and is a member British Psychological Society. 

Ingrid Brown – Engagement & Communications Consultant

Ingrid is a highly experienced brand and stakeholder engagement specialist working with complex global group businesses experiencing growth through change or financial transactions. Ingrid is highly adept at creating successful engagement programmes that drive long term commercial value inside and outside the organisation.

Accomplished and genuinely passionate around creating and rolling out engaging communications programmes and brand experiences around leadership communications, employee engagement, sustainability programmes, investor relations and internal brand activation. Ingrid is also a competent speaker and workshop facilitator often working with c-suite board level leadership teams to help them uncover and communicate purpose, vision and strategic goals; a talented strategic story teller.

Ingrid also has a wide ranging understanding and knowledge across multiple business sectors. Having worked as a corporate communications and marketing director she fully appreciates her client challenges at implementing communications and engagement programmes.

Quentin Millington – Culture Consultant

In line with the Culture Consultancy ethos, Quentin is an experienced practitioner consultant; having gained his experience as Chief Operating Officer and in related roles within tier-one investment banks. His experience includes leading product marketing, client service, business operations and regulatory compliance teams of up to 130 people (budget over US$100m). He also ran global initiatives to boost productivity, revamp service and cut cost, championing client-oriented cultures across US$1bn organizations of more than 1,500 employees.

With an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation from the University of Cambridge, Quentin now coaches and advises senior teams in areas such as vision-setting, strategic planning, change delivery, leader orientation, coaching / mentoring, engagement studies and team alignment.

Quentin believes that typically people work for organizations but that organizations must begin to work for people.  His interests include drama, European art and squash.

Sam Monteath – Culture Consultant

Sam has worked in employer marketing for over 16 years and has tackled over 100 projects across all sectors. His passion is in helping employers improve employee engagement, organisational culture and employer brand, using a research-based approach. This involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative research including: interviews, surveys, focus groups, shadowing, and evaluation.

Sam has worked extensively with Asda as their research partner on an award-winning project to define their employer brand as well as leading the research to strengthen the Asda culture. He has also worked with a global retail bank who had previously run a major culture-change initiative but they needed to establish if there was a case for further change/investment. Sam lead this research and incorporating best practice from elsewhere, formed overall themes of the enablers and inhibitors in their culture and made recommendations to address the latter.

William Buist – Consultant

William has a reputation for taking an innovative view of business that harnesses opportunity.  Through coaching, mentoring and consulting he enables business owners and directors to unlock sustainable profits and deliver future successes.

His background in the insurance sector has enabled him to hone his strategy and planning skills.  This in turn led him to develop his Journey to Collaboration approach – a process that defines how business collaboration develops and through which business leaders can reduce the costs of coordination in their businesses and unlock additional sustainable profits.

William is committed to lifelong learning and continues to develop his own skills and experience as he helps businesses to develop theirs.  Focus, clarity and perspective are just some of the attributes which clients praise William for bringing to their business. A public speaker and author, in his spare time William enjoys photography, skiing and walking.

Jon Randall

Jon is a creative strategist and change consultant with a gift for seeing right to the essence of things and from a systemic viewpoint. He is passionate about supporting people, organisations and brands channel what is at the heart of who they are and what they do.

He has worked on a range of brands, campaigns, engagement and culture change programmes for clients across the not-for-profit, commercial and corporate sectors, including: British Airways, Generali, Post Office, UBS, CNBC, and Seeds of Change. 

Previously a marketing director in the finance sector and a psychotherapist in private practice, he combines different disciplines to connect others with their deeper purpose, whilst holding a vision for how they can bring it to life.

Jon graduated from Cambridge and has qualifications in therapy, executive coaching and organisational consulting. He has been trained in psychosynthesis, gestalt and systems thinking.

Simon Phillips – Culture Consultant

Previously an award-winning Business Transformation Director, Simon is passionate about people, not numbers on spreadsheets, and figuring out ways to help them deliver the performance that organisations need to make a difference.  This usually requires working across the whole organisation, building great networks and co-creating structured, ambitious and pragmatic plans with engaged stakeholders; and then delivering the numbers that key stakeholders value. His strengths are therefore in Culture Change, Organisation Design & Development, Leadership and Talent Management and Workforce Motivation, primarily in complex and highly political environments. 

Trained at Accenture, Simon has more than 20 years’ experience successfully developing and delivering strategic change and organisation development programmes across several industry sectors such as, financial services, FMCG, professional services, hospitality and travel, energy and utilities, as well as the Public and Not For Profit Sectors. Simon has also designed, developed and delivered quality training for every level in an organisation, from new starters through to comprehensive Board development, winning a National Training Award in 2006. 

Simon is skilled at developing the strategy, business operating model, the change frameworks and organisational structure necessary to quickly deliver an effective organisation. 

Simon won a National Training Award in 2006, has been a keynote speaker at several CIPD conferences and his first book, “Time Management 24/7” (McGraw Hill) was an Amazon best-seller and an Evening Standard Business Book of the Week.  A fully qualified Performance Coach and Executive Career Mentor, Simon is also an Accredited Clarity 4D psychometric Profiler. 

Bev Hamilton

Beverley has over 25 years experience working with leaders and teams, across a range of organisational environments, to accelerate and elevate their capability and impact through transformation. She is known for her facilitative yet challenging approach that supports people in raising their awareness and taking accountability for change. With one local authority, she worked with the Corporate Leadership Team and helped them improve their team effectiveness results by between 13% and 85% across a range of measures.

Beverley has had a varied career as a PE teacher, sports development officer, RAF Air Traffic Control Officer and leadership development consultant and has worked with different cultures in many countries.

Over the past few years Beverley has invested more time in supporting leaders and their teams in exploring what they are trying to achieve and why and then creating the conditions for their success. This has brought more clarity, focus, and accountability with members of those teams who in the process also discover who they are and how they contribute to their organisations. Through using emerging research in neuroscience, leaders and their teams better understand why they do what they do and can therefore make more conscious choices about their future.

Beverley holds a Bachelor of Education Degree and personal, business and executive coaching qualifications accredited by/affiliated to the International Coaching Federation. She loves to ski and hike, eat out in amazing restaurants and recently fulfilled a “bucket list” trip rafting down and hiking in the Grand Canyon.

Daren Gordon

Daren is a communications expert, shaping culture change programmes for brands, such as npower, WH Smith, the Environment Agency and HSBC.  He does the people side of change by developing engaging communications.  Daren works with senior leaders to turn the attention of employees away from internal distractions to focus on the customer.  He firmly believes that employees don’t just get behind new initiatives, but drive change themselves, with the best results being when employees are confident and energised by the company’s purpose and are continuously learning.

His favourite tool for change is storytelling.  He creates compelling narratives about transformation programmes, which influence the hearts and minds of stakeholders.  He created the vision narrative for the CEO of HSBC UK, which was used to boost the confidence of investors and productivity of employees.

Levels of trust have collapsed over recent years. So Daren also coaches leaders to grab the attention of employees by ‘walking the talk’, only then will their storytelling be credible and powerful.

Daren loves politics and nature.  So, jogging down the canal whilst listening to Prime Minister’s Questions is a perfect combination.

Chris Wright

Chris is a fully qualified HR professional, having completed his MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Kent Business School to CIPD Advanced Level standard. He is passionate about helping organisations to achieve their maximum potential by recognising the value of their talent and developing people to contribute more effectively to organisational goals.

Chris’ specialism is in the area of Strategic Human Resource Management for which he received the CIPD East Kent Branch Prize in 2015 while studying for his BSc in Business Studies and Human Resource Management at Canterbury Christ Church University Business School. He adopts a business partner-style approach to working with clients, focusing on helping organisations to reduce their risk level with their greatest but most expensive asset; their talent. He also advises on Diversity & Inclusion provision given that he is a full-time wheelchair user, and he has also contributed to a number of HR publications recently.

Outside of work, Chris is a big motorsport fan, takes an interest in current affairs and enjoys holidays in France with his family.

Cris Beswick – Director of Innovation Consulting

Originally trained as a product & industrial designer, Cris spent over a decade as a successful entrepreneur & CEO building an award-winning design group. After structuring a full exit 2008 he is now recognised globally as a thought leader on innovation leadership and creating innovative organisations.

Because of his own business background Cris knows exactly what it’s like to wear the CEO’s shoes putting him in an excellent position to work with and advise senior leaders of global organisations on strategic approaches to differentiation and innovation. As such Cris has coached, advised and delivered keynotes to some of the worlds most successful companies on how to become exceptional by building future oriented innovation strategies, leadership approaches and organisational cultures.

Cris has also delivered executive education programmes on innovation for leading UK and international business schools such as Henley Business School, Cranfield University’s Centre for Competitive Creative Design and Synergy Business School in Dubai to name but a few. 

Cris enjoys good food & fine wine and is passionate about worldwide travel with his wife Nikki and their two girls Roma and Mila.

Uzma is  an organisational change and culture change specialist, who has over 22 years of organisational change consulting, leadership and management experience in designing, driving and embedding performance driven changes both regionally and globally for companies like BP Upstream and International Supply Trading businesses, Alcatel Telecom, Capita, BAE Systems, L3 Technologies, NHSBSA and Local Councils.

Uzma has been able to deliver sustainable change outcomes to the businesses by harnessing cultural fitness aligned with their strategic drivers of change. This approach has been of great help to many businesses with successful results. She has helped digital transformations with harnessing digital culture and leadership, growing start-ups with cultural identity linked to their values and helped businesses with service improvement initiatives with adapting to new ways of working and capability building.

Alongside cultural focus, Uzma has been able to advise on and lead an effective change methodology encompassing, case for change, stakeholder’s engagement strategy & plan, change impacts assessment, people network, communications strategy & plan, business readiness criteria & user’s transformational journeys.

Janine Dierks – Head of Operations

Janine has a background in both Project Management and Business Analysis, and brings both of those skills and experiences together to deliver high quality transformation to organisations.  A senior consultant, Janine has a proven track record in identifying, developing, planning and resourcing the delivery of business change to deliver business benefit.

Janine has significant hands on experience of implementing Process Change (BPR) to ensure Business Readiness and Operational Excellence across locations/organisations and has strong process mapping, reporting, numerical and data analysis skills.  Highly efficient and productive, Janine has excellent stakeholder engagement and communication skills ensuring shared understanding and enabling buy-in and sign off.

Janine has a passion for gardening and garden design as well as enjoying cooking, reading, yoga and worldwide travel.


Clare March – Head of Marketing 

Clare is a CIPR-qualified communications professional with almost 20 years’ experience in establishing compelling narratives for award-winning brands, and managing integrated communications in both the private and public sector.

Clare’s marketing and PR career started in global publishing, and has spanned healthcare, regulation, recruitment, and an employee communications agency. She is passionate about telling the story behind the business, and engaging audiences across all platforms.

Clare has managed public health marketing campaigns, transformed websites, managed high-profile media relations (TV, radio, digital and print), written and edited thousands of blogs, magazines, newsletters; and grown social media audiences through targeted content. She is a wordsmith, and loves using communications to shift perceptions, share visions, tell a story, or prompt action.

In the (very) rare moments that she’s not looking after her young family, Clare enjoys learning Italian, being a bookworm, and running the odd half marathon.


Jessica Smith – Head of People and Business Support

Jessica’s career began working in Client Services in the marketing space. Having worked in traditional marketing and advertising worlds, before moving across to digital and tech, Jessica then transferred her skills from client to business services and became that ‘right arm’ to agency owners and boards across business support, strategy, people and operations.

Over the years Jessica has supported brands, employees, boards, and clients and is motivated by the desire to get the best out of people, companies and their products and services. Having always worked for smaller businesses and start ups, she excels in looking after people, whether that’s clients, customers or colleagues.  
Jessica is a gym and yoga enthusiast and you’ll often find her in the converted garage in some strange posture or pose. Either there, or busy playing with her young family whilst popping a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge.









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