What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience (EX) refers to the overall journey and interaction that employees have with an organisation throughout their employment. It encompasses all aspects of an employee’s involvement with the company, from recruitment and onboarding to daily work activities, professional development, and ultimately, the exit process.

Why does it matter?

Whatever your employee’s position or location, you need to consider how they feel about the company culture, the technology and tools you provide for them to do their job and the physical environment that they work in.

A positive employee experience will ensure greater employee satisfaction levels, productivity, performance and wellbeing. It will also enhance your employer brand and facilitate the attraction and retention of the most talented people.

Some of the things that make up employee experience (EX)? 

  • How aligned your employees feel to the purpose and values of the organisation.
  • Whether they think that it’s a fair and inclusive place to work that treats people with respect.
  • Whether they are given the right technology, tools and skills to do their job.
  • Whether they have been given the right amount of autonomy, empowerment and flexibility to do their job well.
  • How people are recognised and rewarded internally.
  • What the physical environment is like.
  • How authentic and ethical the leadership team are.
  • How customers as well as suppliers are treated by the company.
  • How well the company listens to its employees and how much the employees get to contribute to any decisions that are made (especially when they will be directly impacted by them).
  • How much they feel that the company cares for their general wellbeing as well as their personal and professional development.
  • And in this particular pandemic situation, it’s also about the experience for employees that have been furloughed.


Designing your Employee Value Proposition

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the articulation of the desired employee experience – the offer and commitment to your people, who are your most valuable, yet most complex asset.

If you need help creating a strong Employee Experience (EX), we can help you develop a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP)…

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Culture change - 3 stage methodology

Our award winning 3- stage methodology of Insight, Design and Embed will help you transform your culture, business results and employee experience. Refined and finessed over the last 15 years our approach has improved productivity, performance, engagement, wellbeing, inclusion and much more.

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Culture assessment

The Culture Consultancy Organisation Culture AssessmentTM is a fast and highly effective method of measuring your culture.  Identifying positive enablers and inhibitors to performance, strategy or transformation our assessment provides practical actions to align your culture with future ambitions.

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Leadership development

Strong, connected, forward thinking leaders who are purpose and values driven are pivotal to the future performance, innovation and growth of every organisation even more so in the new working paradigm. We develop leaders to lead teams, departments and organisations in delivering performance results and employee experience.

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Top team facilitation

To get the best out of your leadership team ‘away days’ or strategic reviews,  and enhance the team’s performance, our facilitators will ask the challenging questions, keep discussions on topic and facilitate the robust, sometimes difficult, discussions to get the right outcome, effectively.

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Embedding your culture

The most difficult yet most important part of any cultural shift or transformation project is getting the desired culture to stick. Creating a dream ‘tick list’ of an ideal culture is easy, but how do you make it a reality? We deliver flexible yet robust embedding programmes to ensure your desired culture sticks and delivers the required impact.

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Cultural immersion events

Cultural Immersion has been proven to accelerate mindset and behavioural shift in organisations, departmental and inter departmental teams. Taking people out of their comfort zones and placing them within a fun, interactive and challenging environment delivers rapid clarity and understanding in a positive, high-energy, and interactive way.

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