Evaluate your workplace culture & design one that delivers for your business & your people

Whether you are contemplating a strategic cultural change, looking to articulate your current positive culture, or looking to see where the performance bottlenecks might be within your organisation, using the Culture Consultancy Organisation Culture AssessmentTM will allow you to understand the way things are currently done and identify what is supporting your strategy and growth as well as highlighting potential internal misalignment or culture blockers that are impacting business performance. 

The assessment can be completed by the whole company or just within a division, department or large team.

There are many ways in which the insight from the Culture Assessment can be used, including:

  • Identifying existing attributes which are helping performance, and those which are hindering.
  • Assessing how well the organisation is aligned for delivering against your strategy or transformation (new or existing).
  • Identifying immediate untapped performance improvement opportunities.
  • Understanding variances across the organisation so you can focus attention on the right areas in order to gain full cultural alignment.
  • Demonstrating progress to stakeholders, including shareholders, regulators, the media.
  • Identifying mismatches with 3rd party providers which may be impacting your service and/or commercials.
  • Providing a baseline measurement for future alignment or change, hence providing you with an ongoing tool for guiding the required culture.

Cutting-edge tools & services:

  • Leadership/manager assessment and profiling
  • Team dynamics assessment
  • Top team facilitation
  • Building the case for change
  • Culture diagnostics
  • Customer Experience Maturity assessment
  • Employee Experience mapping
  • Assessment for Innovation maturity
  • Existing culture behaviour assessment
  • Gap analysis on culture and brand
  • Bespoke engagement and culture surveys


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