At times, organisational culture can seem elusive, like trying to catch a shadow. If you don’t invest the appropriate time & effort, you’re likely to end up with a culture you don’t want – a culture that will impact performance & results.

Don’t leave it to chance.

With our Culture Consultancy Culture Assessment™, you can grasp it firmly and unlock its potential. Our comprehensive Culture Assessment offers you invaluable insights into your organisation’s current culture, leading you to a path of transformation and success.

We take a holistic approach to uncover the enablers and inhibitors within your organisation. Our expert team will work with you to reveal the true essence of your existing culture and subcultures. We’ll also leverage existing data, making the most of what you already have, to inform our analysis.

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The benefits of our Culture Assessment

  • Cultural Alignment

Understand variations in your organisation’s culture and direct your focus where it matters most, achieving full cultural alignment across your teams and locations.

  • Performance Improvement 

Identify immediate, untapped opportunities for enhancing both people and performance.

  • Enhanced Engagement

Inform the design of a future culture by identifying positive attributes that drive engagement and performance, ensuring they are reinforced.

  • Change Initiatives

Provide a clear starting point for any culture change efforts, guiding the way for successful implementation planning.

  • Strategic Alignment 

Assess how well your culture aligns with your organisation’s strategy, ensuring every location contributes to your strategic goals.

  • Continuous Improvement

Establish a baseline measurement for future change, giving you a powerful tool for guiding ongoing culture transformation.

Kick off your Culture Assessment

We assess against 20 key attributes

The Culture Assessment™ delves deep into your organisation’s DNA, analysing 20 crucial attributes that range from innovation and well-being to results and beyond. It identifies practical aspects of your culture that are driving high performance and should be harnessed, as well as those that may be hindering your organisation’s potential.

Our Culture Assessment includes:

Review: Thoroughly review existing culture documentation, employee feedback, and related information.

Insight: Gather insight into your existing culture(s), including the beliefs and assumptions driving behaviours.

Enablers & Inhibitors: Establish the current factors enabling or inhibiting performance and engagement.

Alignment: Understand the strategy and future business model your culture needs to support.

Change Catalyst: Identify the case for change and focus areas for future culture and behaviour shifts.

Immediate Action: Identify immediate actions to kickstart culture change, including behaviour shifts that lead to early benefits.

Design & Implementation: Inform the culture design and implementation/embedding plan.

Don't leave your culture to chance

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Hear what are clients have to say...

“Seeing our MABology culture take shape and come to life has been brilliant. I’m so proud of everyone who worked on the project, but special thanks must go to Derek and the team at Culture Consultancy who really helped us get to where we are now.”​
Claire Smith, People and Culture Director at Mortgage Advice Bureau

“We were so impressed with CC. They have taken something very complicated and made it simple. We’re thrilled about the new culture they helped us create, and the way that they’ve supported and challenged us throughout has pushed us on even further than we could have anticipated.” ​
Greg Ingleton, HR Director at Pepper Money

Their insight formed the highly compelling backbone to everything that came in defining and embedding our Mission, Vision and Values. They provided real energy to the project and delivered a full end-to-end service.”

Jim Brown, Group Head of Marketing at One Savings Bank