Embed it. Make it stick.

You’ve done the work, and designed the values and behaviours you want.. But nothing’s changed.

Everyone was excited when you launched. This was going to be a catalyst for growth. Now they’ve gone back to doing things the way they did before. Soon, the only memory of your new culture will be a fancy poster on a wall. Designing your culture is only part of the process. Now you need to embed it & make it stick.

Introducing Team-Based Embedding

Team-Based Embedding is our unique solution for delivering systemic culture change.

We do this by empowering and enabling your people to own and implement the values, delivering behavioural change and maximising business impact.

The benefits of Team-Based Embedding

  • Builds change leadership from within teams and avoids reliance on a top-down approach.
  • Teams work on improving the business and aligning their ways of working and behaviours to embed the desired vision, thereby delivering immediate performance results & engagement.
  • Builds ownership, trust, belonging and engagement.
  • Allows team flexibility and pace – each team gets the support they need at different levels and rates.
  • Focus on the team being equipped to lead themselves towards the future vision.

How we do it

Based on your internal resources and the size of your business, we will tailor our programme and support level to meet your requirements.

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Culture Transformation

Our award winning 3- stage methodology of Insight, Design and Embed will help you transform your culture, business results and employee experience. Refined and finessed over the last 15 years our approach has improved productivity, performance, engagement, wellbeing, inclusion and much more.

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Culture Assessment

The Culture Consultancy Organisation Culture AssessmentTM is a fast and highly effective method of measuring your culture.  Identifying positive enablers and inhibitors to performance, strategy or transformation our assessment provides practical actions to align your culture with future ambitions.

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Employee Experience

The experience your employees feel when they work for you directly influences their performance, productivity, wellbeing and commitment levels. How effective would you like your employees to be?  We design employee experiences that fulfils the business’ and peoples’ needs.

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Leadership Development

Strong, connected, forward thinking leaders who are purpose and values driven are pivotal to the future performance, innovation and growth of every organisation even more so in the new working paradigm. We develop leaders to lead teams, departments and organisations in delivering performance results and employee experience.

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