Workplace culture support when you need it

As a leader in your organisation, you’re at the forefront of shaping its culture. Our flexible Culture Mentor service is designed to accelerate your efforts. Take the lead in fostering a stronger, more resilient company culture. Join forces with our award-winning team to empower your people and culture initiatives and drive positive change. 

This is for you if...

  • You don’t have enough time to get everything done
  • You don’t have the internal resources you need
  • You’re struggling to get leadership team buy-in 
  • You need help with a skills/expertise gap

How it works...

  • Purchase mentor time blocks on a monthly basis
  • We match you with the right mentors for your business – from our team of highly experienced practitioner consultants & organisational psychologists
  • We’ll tailor our approach to perfectly fit your organisation’s specific needs and goals

  • Complete flexibility – Use your time when you need it

  • Benefit from our expertise as a Trusted Advisor, let us provide Hands-On Help or have a mix of both.

Trusted advisor

If you’re looking to enhance your organisation’s culture but already have a skilled in-house team ready to take the reins? We’re here to be your trusted ally in this transformative journey – your ‘critical friend.’

  • Strategic Counsel

We’ll provide practical advice and expert guidance to your culture project sponsor or lead, steering them toward the most effective strategies.

  • Our 3-stage methodology

We’ll guide you using our award-winning culture change approach 

  • Upskilling

We’ll help you close any knowledge gaps so you can maximise your impact.

  • Constructive Critique

We’ll meticulously review and critique draft documentation, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision.


Hands-on help

Our expertise and hands-on support will serve as the guiding force behind your culture change initiatives, ensuring they flourish from inception to full integration. Here’s how we can make it happen:

  • Implementation Expertise

We’ll work alongside you to shape and execute your implementation and embedding plans, for a seamless transition.

  • Influential Partnerships

We’ll engage with key stakeholders and influencers, collaborating to shape and champion the changes your organisation needs.

  • Leadership Facilitation

We can facilitate leadership team sessions and design workshops, fostering a culture of innovation and growth.

  • Deliverable Excellence

From initial drafts to polished final versions, we’ll help you craft specific deliverables that meet your highest standards.

  • Skill Enhancement

By identifying gaps in skills, mindset, and behaviours, we’ll help tailor development programmes that empower your team.

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Who we work with

Home Office Culture Consultancy Client
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Shine Bid Services Culture Consultancy Client
Culture Consultancy Client Epta
Situs client of Culture Consultancy
Cloudpay client of Culture Consultancy
ARRK Europe Limited
Aspire - Culture Consultancy Client
OEC culture consultancy client
Keolis - Culture Consultancy Client
One Savings Bank - Culture Consultancy Client
FGOL a UBISOFT company
Culture Consultancy work with Arriva
AIG client of Culture Consultancy
England Golf - Culture consultancy client
NHS Culture Consultancy Client
Lloyds Banking Group - Culture Consultancy Client
John Hogg - Culture Consultancy Client
dialog - Culture Consultancy Client
Cisco Culture Consultancy
Hudgell Solicitors Culture Consultancy Client
Barclays - Culture Consultancy Client
AXA PPP Healthcare - culture consultancy client
Nationwide Building Society
feefo - culture consultancy client
First - Culture Consultancy Client
Optivo culture consultancy client
Paywizard - culture consultancy client
Prudential - culture consultancy client
Quality Solicitors Culture Consultancy Client
Zurich - Culture Consultancy Client

Why Culture Consultancy?

  • Team of highly experienced practitioner consultants – business leaders, organisational psychologists, HR professionals
  • Proven 3-stage methodology for culture transformation
  • Winner: Culture Consultancy of the Year 2023
  • Authors of THE book on Culture Transformation – Building a Culture of Innovation

What our clients say

“Seeing our MABology culture take shape and come to life has been brilliant. I’m so proud of everyone who worked on the project, but special thanks must go to Derek and the team at Culture Consultancy who really helped us get to where we are now.”​
Claire Smith, People and Culture Director at Mortgage Advice Bureau

“We were so impressed with CC. They have taken something very complicated and made it simple. We’re thrilled about the new culture they helped us create, and the way that they’ve supported and challenged us throughout has pushed us on even further than we could have anticipated.” ​
Greg Ingleton, HR Director at Pepper Money

Their insight formed the highly compelling backbone to everything that came in defining and embedding our Mission, Vision and Values. They provided real energy to the project and delivered a full end-to-end service.”

Jim Brown, Group Head of Marketing at One Savings Bank