What does DEI really mean?

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace encompass a comprehensive approach to fostering an organisational culture where individuals from all backgrounds and identities are not only welcomed but also valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities to thrive. “Diversity” emphasises the presence of a wide range of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, “equity” focuses on ensuring fairness and justice in treatment and access to resources, and “inclusion” underscores the active and intentional efforts to create an environment where every employee feels empowered to contribute their best, regardless of their background, while embracing the richness of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and success. Achieving these principles leads to a more equitable, productive, and socially responsible workplace.

“Companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see a 59% increase in innovation and 37% better assessment of consumer interest and demand.”

– International Labour Organization

DEI strategies deliver business results

  • The diversity of your employees heavily contributes to how innovative you are as a business and how appealing your offerings are to your diverse client/consumer base.
  • Creating a culture and environment where a truly diverse population can be themselves and are able to maximise their contribution/impact, will allow people to perform at their best, but it is not easy.


Strong leadership & processes are crucial

To create a diverse and inclusive workplace, exemplary leadership from the board, management, and team leaders is required; supported with internal processes that help them overcome any internal or external challenges they are facing.

Employee wellbeing is a priority

Give them what they need for their mental & physical wellbeing:

  • Tools & Resources
  • Performance Expectations
  • Supportive Environment

We're experts at delivering culture change for our clients

DEI needs to be an integrated component of your culture and not a standalone. It’s a ‘must have,’ not a ‘like to have.’ If you’d like to know how Culture Consultancy can help you transform your culture, get in touch…

Do you have a strategy for DEI? Is it working?

We assess against 20 key attributes

Our Culture Assessment™ delves deep into your organisation’s DNA, analysing 20 crucial attributes that range from innovation and well-being to results and beyond. It identifies practical aspects of your culture that are driving high performance and should be harnessed, as well as those that may be hindering your organisation’s potential.

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What our clients are saying

“Seeing our MABology culture take shape and come to life has been brilliant. I’m so proud of everyone who worked on the project, but special thanks must go to Derek and the team at Culture Consultancy who really helped us get to where we are now.”​
Claire Smith, People and Culture Director at Mortgage Advice Bureau

“We were so impressed with CC. They have taken something very complicated and made it simple. We’re thrilled about the new culture they helped us create, and the way that they’ve supported and challenged us throughout has pushed us on even further than we could have anticipated.” ​
Greg Ingleton, HR Director at Pepper Money

Their insight formed the highly compelling backbone to everything that came in defining and embedding our Mission, Vision and Values. They provided real energy to the project and delivered a full end-to-end service.”

Jim Brown, Group Head of Marketing at One Savings Bank