When Culture Consultancy first launched in 2009, we knew our focus had to be on people.  

We have, and always will ‘think human’, while delivering results for our clients and focusing on doing the right things in the right way.  

why we do what we do

We’re all united behind our vision, purpose and values.  They drive everything we do:

our purpose is to embed the cultures of tomorrow; improve business results; drive digital innovation; and create loveable workplaces.

our vision is to transform as many companies as we possibly can, into successful, collaborative, inclusive, innovative and positive places to work.

our values guide the way we do things as a team:


collaboration is key
Our working relationships are collaborative and inclusive – based on mutual trust and respect.  There is an ‘assumption of excellence’ between everyone who works for us, which enables us to collectively deliver the best for our clients.  we put the same amount of energy, optimism and tenacity into every project we work on.  

professionally playful
By focusing on our people and purpose, we have built a fun and enjoyable working environment where everyone’s ideas and talents are appreciated.  We support each other and maintain a healthy sense of creativity, playfulness and good humour.  

engage with empathy
We recruit people who take the time to understand our client’s businesses and challenges – who can create positive, aligned work cultures which deliver tangible business results.  We want people who’ve truly walked in our client’s shoes – we’re commercial and practical with real perspective.   

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