developing and upskilling your manager population is the key to creating the culture and employee experience you desire

Effective managers who can support, coach, inspire and engage their people in their work will be the route to greater employee productivity and performance. Those that can lead by example, espouse the culture you wish to embed and allow, champion and encourage others to do the same will create a team culture across the organisation and help build the platform for any culture or transformation initiative.

Just as importantly,  ensuring employee wellbeing and the fulfilment of the desired employee experience are also key areas of responsibilities for managers.  With remote working being so common now,  creating a culture of trust between individuals, teams and functions is absolutely critical, all grounded in open, healthy and positive relationships.

Whether your managers have been recently promoted or are those who need to up their game due to a recent change, our manager and advanced manager programmes will support them with topics such as:

  • Managing remote teams.
  • Coaching for performance.
  • Employee Wellbeing.
  • Managing upwards.
  • Performance feedback.
  • Building high performance teams.
  • Powerful and engaging communication.
  • Resilience and Adaptability.
  • Building innovative & collaborative teams.
  • Impact and influence.
  • Digital Savvy for Managers.
  • Managing in a VUCA World.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Difficult conversations.
  • Effective delegation and empowerment.


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culture change - 3 stage methodology

Our award winning 3- stage methodology of Insight, Design and Embed will help you transform your culture, business results and employee experience. Refined and finessed over the last 15 years our approach has improved productivity, performance, engagement, wellbeing, inclusion and much more.

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cultural assessment

The Culture Consultancy Organisation Culture AssessmentTM is a fast and highly effective method of measuring your culture.  Identifying positive enablers and inhibitors to performance, strategy or transformation our assessment provides practical actions to align your culture with future ambitions.

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designing the employee experience

The experience your employees feel when they work for you directly influences their performance, productivity, wellbeing and commitment levels. How effective would you like your employees to be?  We design employee experiences that fulfils the business’ and peoples’ needs.

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leadership development and culture coaching

Strong, connected, forward thinking leaders who are purpose and values driven are pivotal to the future performance, innovation and growth of every organisation even more so in the new working paradigm. We develop leaders to lead teams, departments and organisations in delivering performance results and employee experience.

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top team facilitation

To get the best out of your leadership team ‘away days’ or strategic reviews,  and enhance the team’s performance, our facilitators will ask the challenging questions, keep discussions on topic and facilitate the robust, sometimes difficult, discussions to get the right outcome, effectively.

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embedding the required culture

The most difficult yet most important part of any cultural shift or transformation project is getting the desired culture to stick. Creating a dream ‘tick list’ of an ideal culture is easy, but how do you make it a reality? We deliver flexible yet robust embedding programmes to ensure your desired culture sticks and delivers the required impact.

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manager training and development

Managers are pivotal to embedding the desired culture and employee experience as they are the link between leadership and front-line employees. We equip managers with the skills and capabilities they need to effectively lead themselves and their people, as well as be the culture carriers.

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team performance and productivity enhancement

Improving productivity is a key focus for many businesses. Using a range of tools we assess the make-up of your teams, get the right people in the right place for them to make the maximum impact, then create the team climate to maximise performance and engagement.

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shaping the human/people side of business change

Aligning and engaging your people in any business transformation is key- be it digital transformation, regulatory changes or organisational re-design. We help take your people on the journey, shifting mindsets and behaviours so you realise the full Return on Investment of your transformation.

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designing and embedding remote working cultures

With the impact and new paradigm of increased remote working, managing a remote team will become more and more part of the new workplace. This requires new skills, new processes, and increased innovation. Businesses that enhance this change will flourish businesses that fight against it will die.

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cultural immersion events

Cultural Immersion has been proven to accelerate mindset and behavioural shift in organisations, departmental and inter departmental teams. Taking people out of their comfort zones and placing them within a fun, interactive and challenging environment delivers rapid clarity and understanding in a positive, high-energy, and interactive way.

cultural immersion events
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