Your people...

are critical to the success of any culture project. Our workplaces are multigenerational, multinational and contain diverse thinking styles, values and beliefs. That’s why it is so important that they feel understood and supported throughout your cultural change journey.
Your people need to be on board for your culture to stick and become truly embedded across your organisation.

Your business...

needs a well-defined, fully embedded culture to be successful. Your culture becomes a living embodiment of your brand and external marketing messaging. This produces clear bottom line benefits, enhanced customer experiences and added value in your customers’ minds.

people business

How do we do it?

We’re friendly, intelligent and flexible. If we think something’s wrong, we’ll tell you – we don’t do things we don’t believe in or that we don’t think will have the right impact. We’ll support and challenge you when it’s needed – always with the aim of doing what’s right for your business.

We use a range of powerful, proven tools and methods to create a culture that works for your people and your business.

Our 3-stage methodology

We begin with our 3-stage methodology for creating cultures for business success. No two businesses are the same, so we will tailor the tools we use in each stage of the process – Insight, Design and Embed – to create a bespoke culture solution that’s right for your business.



Understanding and assessing the current culture and the case for change.

Tools and services

  • Cultural assessment/audit
  • Leadership/manager assessment and profiling
  • Team assessments
  • Top team facilitated workshops
  • Employee Experience mapping
  • Innovation maturity assessment
  • Existing culture behaviour
  • assessment
  • Gap analysis on culture and brand
  • Bespoke engagement and culture surveys



Designing the future culture
required to deliver strategy or transformation.

Tools and services

  • Designing Purpose/Mission, Vision and Values or Culture manifesto
  • Align culture to strategy & develop strategic narrative
  • Innovation & People Strategy
  • Leadership development & manager training
  • Behavioural competency frameworks
  • Coaching Programmes
  • Design creative and engaging
  • communication plans
  • Develop Employee Value
  • Proposition (EVP)
  • Employee Experience Framework (EXF)



Building a roadmap and
embedding the desired culture to make it stick.

Tools and services

  • New culture/people strategy implementation roadmaps
  • Engaging communications roll out
  • Culture Immersion events
  • Aligning/integrating cultures
  • Embedding EVP and employee experience
  • Upskilling leaders and managers
  • Mindset and behaviour change roll out
  • Progress monitoring
  • Measuring the Return on
  • Investment (ROI)

We use the 4Es human change principles

True cultural change is only possible when the behaviours and mindsets of your people change with it. For the change to stick, your people need to understand the reasoning behind the behavioural change required of them – hence why changing mindsets is so important, too. That’s why we use the 4Es human change principles model to guide our work – it enables your people to engage with the change and build the skills and mindset required for it to become truly embedded in your business.

The four principles of Educating, Engaging, Empowering and Enabling underpin how we work with you:

Providing people with the understanding and rationale behind actions.

Ensuring individuals are motivated and support the organisation in a positive way. 

Encouraging employees to take ownership and responsibility.

Creating the environment and structures to ensure people take action.