We’ve got a complete ecosystem to cover every aspect of company culture. Our partners are credible experts in their niche, and they enable us to deliver our services in a sustainable way across the globe. 

The GC Index® is the organimetric that liberates everyone. It shows individuals, teams and organisations how they can make their best contribution to drive measurable outcomes and boost performance.

learn ampLearn Amp is a multi-award-winning Employee Experience Platform. We help growing businesses to better manage their employee journeys. Combined learning, engagement and performance development tools that drive higher retention and productivity.

better place to qork An Even Better Place to Work is an online, self-managed tool for improving leadership, engagement and well-being. Now in 5 languages, used on 4 continents by Siemens, Qatar Airways, the NHS, CERN etc.

2to3days2to3days is a social and economic movement of progressive leaders, who together want to empower the advancement of women in the workplace by supporting them pursue their careers on a flexible basis from the point of hire

gotham culturegothamCulture, a New York City based advisory firm, helps clients navigate change through the lens of culture, leadership, and strategy. Our consultants provide targeted support at scale to meet any organization’s needs.

CCD CCD design – driven by human behaviour. They use human factors & behavioural science to understand peoples’ needs. With Culture Consultancy, they use this alongside experience, interior and graphic design to develop better workspace experiences for staff.

nuccobrainNucco Brain is a visual storytelling studio that uses emerging technologies, polished design & powerful narratives to bring brand stories to life.

department ten Department 10 are a London based branding and design business with a difference. Through their proven business futureproof process they help their clients grow from between 40% and 100% year on year. Their design and marketing work is exceptional. If you like our website, this was them. 

springpointSpring Point is an Australian based consultancy that specialises in aligning human potential with business strategy. Service areas of focus include strategy, performance culture and leadership and learning.

cultrCultr – the world’s most exciting culture change and engagement tool. Cultr nudges users in a fun and social way to do mini-missions and turn desired behaviours into action.

outliersOutliers exist to disrupt corporate wellbeing with honest provision that empowers employees and their loved ones to live healthier and happier lives – leaving a sustainable legacy we can be proud of.

HR Dept

The HR Department offer outsourced HR and employment law services. Whether you need HR support with employment contracts, managing disciplinaries or anything else on your journey as an employer, they can help.