businesses employ the most complex beings on earth: humans.

Change impacts everyone involved: your people, your suppliers, your customers and you. When we design and embed new organisational cultures, shift mindsets and transform behaviours, we place people at the centre of the change journey. 

organisational culture

You want a successful, innovative and forward-thinking business where everyone can thrive. We ensure you embed a culture where company success is paramount while also creating a diverse, inclusive, healthy environment where everyone can grow and be successful. This means focusing on two areas: humans and business. 


People think and learn and behave in different ways, have different wants, needs and challenges. The workplace has more generations than ever before and success and innovation are being driven by increasing diversity. We create cultures where the right factors are in place for each employee to thrive and every voice can be heard. This is why our 4Es principles are critical to helping everyone feel part of the culture of your organisation. 


Every business has it’s own ambition, goals and strategy. They all need their own unique culture that effectively engages people to execute on the strategy.  Culture Consultancy ensures every culture programme is successful by working with clients to define what success looks like, designing culture, leadership programmes and immersion events that take all employees on the cultural journey and embeds the change so that long term results can not only be seen, felt and measured.  

we can help you...

  • Design a ‘fit for purpose’ culture to drive growth, diversity & inclusion, innovation, well-being and more 
  • Embed a new culture to support business changes such as New Leader, New Proposition, Merger, IPO, Digital Transformation 
  • Evolve your culture to retain or gain competitive advantage, increase market share or support rapid growth 
  • Uncover the performance blockers and enablers of your current culture to help turnaround an under-performing business or division 
  • Align your culture and improve working practices across multiple employee groups, departments, physical locations or suppliers
  • Design a culture to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce  

why us?

We think human to deliver tangible, scalable results.
Every person is different, as is every business. Which is why designing and embedding a new culture in any organisation requires a huge amount of business acumen and an even greater amount of soft skills to get the right outcome. It is not just a one size fits all systematic approach. We are a team of culture experts: practitioner consultants from different backgrounds with both commercial and people skills.

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Check out our book: Building a Culture of Innovation.

Building a Culture of Innovation presents a practical framework that you can follow to design and embed a culture of innovation in your business.