Communication, collaboration and community

At Culture Consultancy we are always trying to ‘DO’ what we SAY. Our clients need to trust that we have our own culture together before we start to evolve, align and articulate theirs.

So last week we had our first Culture Consultancy Away Day in London since the pandemic, where the whole team got together in real, human life. It’s something we usually do a few times over the year to keep us all connected, making sure our own Mission, Vison, Values are always aligned and that we have a culture we all deserve. It would be pretty embarrassing if we didn’t!

When working with our clients we always follow a three-step approach: insight, design, embed, so we invited our consultants (who deliver award-winning work for our clients), core team (who keep Culture Consultancy moving and growing) and some close associates and suppliers who help our business succeed, to learn more. It was important for us to get a well-rounded picture of what it feels like to work with and for Culture Consultancy.

The day fell into three sections:



This was important to thank our amazing team for contributing to a demanding year of growth and ensure they are clear on the business priorities going forwards. They all have a part to play. This led to a frank discussion about the opportunities and challenges we face as a business. Everyone had the chance to feedback their thoughts and ideas in an inclusive way.

William Buist leading our collaboration workshop




Led by William Buist, a long-time supporter and colleague to Culture Consultancy this workshop helped us understand what is important to our team. We believe the key to our success is that we are built on a foundation of collaboration, so we worked in groups to discuss what this means and how we can better fuel it together. The workshop style sourced some great ideas from across the business that we will continue to use.

William Buist, long-term supporter and collaborator with Culture Consultancy




Being the first in-person event since the pandemic hit and a welcome opportunity to meet many of our colleagues in the flesh, without a screen, or ‘your mic is turned off’. This human connection is integral to us producing great work and harnessing a cohesive team. We committed to establish a process to assign client work based on passion areas to help our consultants feel a sense of purpose in their work. We also facilitated a cocktail and mocktail making masterclass which encouraged individuals to work with new people on a light-hearted activity before enjoying good food and drink together. This was an opportunity for us to give back to our community of colleagues and thank them for their hard work.


Our first in person team event in two years


As you can imagine the day was full of fun, laughter and of course way too many cocktails but it has given us a lot to think about to make sure we continue to deliver the best we can.

If you would like to discuss your own organisational culture, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.