Culture Consultancy teams up with Generation Success

At Culture Consultancy we are delighted to announce our partnership with Generation Success – providing diverse students and graduates with opportunities to reach their career aspirations.  


We’ll be working together, as Culture Consultancy mentor a number of Success Seekers – providing them with support, guidance, and practical steps on achieving their career goals, as well as providing paid internships too.  

Founded in 2011 after the London riots, Generation Success was set up to help diverse students and graduates navigate an inherently biased world, and to educate businesses on the positive part they can play in creating more equitable career opportunities.  

Since January 2021, Generation Success has helped nearly 250 young people with their careers through mentoring, internships, graduate programmes, and apprenticeships.  

“I’m so excited that we’ve been able to partner with Generation Success. Equitable career opportunities are something that we passionately believe in and are striving for. All of our consultants have got stuck in with mentoring a group of Success Seekers and we’re delighted to do even more by offering paid internships too. Every business has the capability to do something practical in making our working world more equitable.”  

Jo Geraghty, Co-founder and Director of Culture Consultancy 

“We’re ecstatic to be able to offer more young people life-changing opportunities through our work with Culture Consultancy. We have a shared desire to create a positive impact for young people, and begin to reshape the working world so it’s more diverse, inclusive and equitable.”  

James Adeleke, Founder and Director of Generation Success

About Generation Success  

Generation Success is an inspiring network that advances social mobility by empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations.  

A social enterprise that exists to remove barriers and allow businesses and all people of diversity to connect, creating equal access and opportunities for a fairer world.  

Through mentoring, internships, graduate programmes and apprenticeships, Generation Success are closing the diversity gap and ensuring that employers are making positive changes that will make work more equitable.  

About Culture Consultancy  

Transforming businesses from the inside out. We’re an award-winning culture change consultancy with a human touch.  

At Culture Consultancy, we’re a team of specialists spanning culture, DEI, innovation, leadership, employee experience, branding, sustainability, and digital transformation. We’re your practical, impactful partner, working to make change happen, and make it stick. 

Culture Consultancy launched in 2009. Even from day one, we’ve been firm in our belief about practising what we preach and being the change, we want to see in our clients too.   

We’re great at handling complexity and we help our clients overcome some of the trickiest business situations – whether they are going through an M&A, need to completely redesign their culture, or they are just getting started with their DEI journey.  

We’ve got proven methodologies that balance business and people, and we’re about creating long-term sustainable impact, so we will not only bring you along the journey, but put you at the heart of it and upskill you along the way.  

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