How a business can become embedded with its partners

We can now announce that Jo Geraghty is set to take up her role as Brand Ambassador for 2to3days and as their first-ever Brand Ambassador it is a role she is excited to take on. 

2to3days work closely with employers and recruiters using their network of connections to help unearth the right talent for the right roles. They are paving the way for flexible working which they believe is a win-win for society and the economy as a whole. Focusing on ambitious mothers everywhere they want to ensure that they never have to sacrifice family for a career and vice versa by helping them find flexible opportunities that will still allow them to reach their full potential. 


delighted to be part of the solution 


Co-Founder and Director at Culture Consultancy, Jo Geraghty said “When I was asked to become a brand ambassador for 2to3days I was delighted. We have worked together for some time already and one thing is clear, there truly is so much work to do in this space. They are making such great strides forward and really providing a solution both for mothers and for businesses.” 


offering flexible working can mean a real step change for businesses 


While 7 in 10 employees want to ask for flexible working actually less than 12% do. For mothers who are looking to return to work, the landscape is even more complex with commuting times and childcare (time and cost) to consider as well. The most usual outcome is that mothers remain at home frustrated in their career ambitions. The loss of the knowledge and expertise from such a huge sector of society to UK businesses is huge. 

Meanwhile, for businesses who would like to offer flexible working, it can often mean a step-change in culture and leadership mindset. 

“Being a brand ambassador will enable me to work with 2to3days and be part of the solution.” said Jo, “A solution that allows both capable and highly skilled mothers to find interesting, meaningful work in a flexible environment as well as allowing companies to harness the talent that has previously languished at home.” 

The right workplace environment and inclusive and forward-thinking business culture can leverage this talent and getting it right can bring rewards for everyone. 


the long terms benefits of flexible working are culture-changing 


Juliet Turnbull of 2to3days says “I am delighted to welcome Jo as Brand Ambassador. With Jo’s expertise and passion for changing working cultures and attitudes to flexible working, we can help women and business understand that the long-term benefits are culture-changing. If this happens at a junior and manager level, we also have more chance of women/mothers ending up on boards.” 

Now that really is a goal that everyone should get behind.