Leading With Innovation

In an ever-changing world, how can the manufacturing industry stay ahead of the curve? New technology? Millions in investment? Diversification into new products or markets? The answer may lie closer to home, with how work culture is developed inside companies within the industry.

If a manufacturing business can build a workplace culture that is specifically designed to support digital transformation and innovation while taking its people on the journey, they stand a strong chance of being fit for the future.

The benefits of embedding a culture of innovation are tangible, including increased productivity and enhanced employee experience, both of which will equate to enhanced performance on an individual and team level.

So Where Do You Start?

If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it is that empathy in business is crucial and can open up opportunities for growth if employees are supported and listened to. After all, businesses would not exist without people! Employees give their best when they’re engaged, aligned to the overall business goals, and when they have their voice heard. All of these things contribute to a culture of innovation.

Where Can It Lead?

Customer satisfaction might not be directly associated with culture, but it’s a crucial outcome of innovation that snowballs into increased growth and profitability.

The chain of action goes like this: your leaders are horizon scanning – using tools and processes borne out of their innovative culture – and anticipate changes in their customer market. From a customer perspective, you feel like the company understands you and aligns with your own values. They are delivering what you want, in the way you want it, at an acceptable price point. The customer feels satisfied, and will then demonstrate loyalty. All of this impacts positively on your brand reputation. Your key stakeholders then see a positive return on their investment – that can be financial, an investment of time, or an emotional and intellectual investment. All this, from a shift in company culture.

Is Culture Change Possible?

Yes! First, you assess what is working and what is limiting progress. Then you can build a culture that helps you to achieve your goals: priorities within manufacturing will be to innovate and to support your people to implement digital transformation.

Some finer focus points might be to embrace a collaborative way of working, to develop resilience, prepare the next generation of leaders and to work on inclusivity. The task then is to ensure those focus points are built into your foundations and ingrained into the DNA of the company – so that your culture endures for years to come.

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