Our book: Building a Culture of Innovation

Being a truly innovative company is more than the dreaming up of new products and services by external consultants and internal taskforces. To stay one step ahead of the competition requires you to embed innovation into your organizational culture. Innovation needs to be embodied in everything that gets done by everyone who works there. By changing your organizational culture to one that supports innovation, you will remove the barriers that stop you responding quickly and agilely to changing market conditions and opportunities for growth. Building a Culture of Innovation presents a practical framework that you can follow to design and embed a culture of innovation in your business.

What you’ll learn:


  • Explains the business benefits of developing a culture of innovation and links it directly with the achievement of strategic goals
  • Gives readers the tools to assess the current innovation readiness of an organization, identifying enablers and inhibitors to success
  • Provides a step-by-step framework for cultural change that is flexible, robust and implementable
  • Includes tailored advice for business leaders, strategists, HR professionals and frontline change agents
  • Supported with downloadable resources and assessments


Who is it for?


  1. CEOs and Business Leaders: It will explain how they can embed a culture of innovation into their organization and how it will help them achieve their strategic aims.
  2. HR Directors and Practitioners: It will explain how they can support their business leaders and people to embed a culture of innovation- outlining what their role is in the process.
  3. Change Managers & Programme Directors:The book will also work on a grass roots, front line level with helpful case studies outlining the types of obstacles and resistance that they are likely to encounter.
  4. Business students: will be relevant reading on a range of MBA modules in innovation management and culture change.

Where to buy: