When WE had to walk the walk we talk.

Being inaugural partners in Temporall’s partnership program is incredibly exciting and a natural fit. Together we can provide a holistic and cohesive data-driven programme to support high-performance innovative culture. 

How do you really know if your organisational culture is working? There are of course the usual indicators of underperformance, turnover, lack of commitment, different culture perspectives from employees and an inability to adapt to changing environments. However, boards often demand more concrete evidence before embarking on a new culture program. 

Capturing quantitive, qualitative and ‘network activity’ signals from employees to understand how a business is performing is now an integral part of leadership. Until now leaders have had little knowledge of how to accurately measure this, how to interpret the data and how to address the issues. 

brand new partner, a natural fit 

That is why I am thrilled to announce that we are are partnering with Temporall who offer cultural analysis through their Cultural Workbench platform. By working in partnership we will be creating a powerful framework for progressive companies that are looking to innovate. 

A culture solution supported by hard analytics 

After being in operation for nearly ten years this partnership solution now provides an immediate and continuous analysis of the culture of an organisation, but also the hard analytics that enable it to be put into context, quantify it and make it tangible. Senior leaders, for the first time ever will be provided with a solid business case for change and will be able to see the importance of culture and how it can make a difference to the organisation’s bottom line. 

Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO of Temporall says “I’m looking forward to working together to provide a powerful joined-up service to help organisations develop and sustain a high-performance culture. With Culture Consultancy’s help, we can support even more innovative businesses improve speed, adapt and align goals as cultural differentiators in the transient world we operate in.” 

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