Why the class of 2020 are trailblazers of the future

Over the last week, like many others I’ve watched the unfolding chaos surrounding this year’s exam results. This generation of bright, resilient students who’ve lost out on so much already, have been dealt a terrible blow.

A level grades were due to be a combination of mock exam grades, coursework, and teacher predictions. However, nearly 40% of A level grades awarded last Thursday had been considerably downgraded from the teacher’s assessment, thanks to a mysterious, ill-conceived Ofqual Algorithm, that clearly took no prisoners – and got it terribly, spectacularly wrong.

Too little, too late
Having endorsed the grades as ‘robust’, within hours a review was underway, and the Government swiftly announced a U turn. A level students across the country were told their teacher-assessed grades would stand.

But for many of them, it must feel like too little, too late. The damage is done, and futures have been placed in jeopardy. What should have been a carefree summer of hanging out in pub beer gardens, summer jobs, travelling and music festivals with mates, has soured into a deeply unfair mess. 

A lasting impact
So, what does this mean for business leaders and employers? For me, more than ever, this illuminates the need for a holistic approach to finding the right person to deliver for your business. I’m confident that this generation of youngsters will be more resilient, determined and resourceful than ever. Through no fault of their own, their future has been disrupted by a bad case of ‘computer says no’. As a result, I’d put money on the fact that these young adults will be ambitious, capable, and possess a phenomenal drive to prove themselves.

But these aren’t necessarily strengths you can easily identify by looking at a CV. In the current context, a potted history of dates, schools/colleges and grades is now at risk of becoming utterly irrelevant. Are those grades on paper an accurate reflection of a person’s talents? When so many students will have already missed out on their first-choice university, how crucial is a Uni place anyway? And isn’t our engrained educational bias and prestige all very archaic and tired?

The GC Index
That’s where the GC Index (Game-Changing Index, because it’s just that) really comes into its own. It’s a clever, meaningful, relevant tool for our times. The GC Index is a scientific framework for maximising peoples’ impact and contributions. It’s unique in that it works by profiling an individual’s actual and potential contribution to their role, their team, and their organisational function. It measures natural aptitudes, and inclinations, as shaped by the demands of their role. Unlike other assessment tools in the HR space, this moves away from a focus on leadership qualities (it’s not just leaders who add value!) or pigeon hole ‘personality types’. The GC Index identifies the five key ways (called ‘proclivities’) in which people can make an impact to a role, team and/organisation: The Strategists, The Game-Changer, The Play-Maker, The Implementer, and the Polisher.

From experience, we’ve found this fresh approach can genuinely add value to your business.  

This year’s A level debacle has been a toxic mix of incompetence, power, class and bias – and it’s magnified a pressing need for us as employers and business leaders to challenge the status quo. The GC Index can play a part in that. When it comes to recruitment and selection methods, stepping out of your comfort zone can be hugely advantageous. Who doesn’t want a resilient, balanced, inclusive team where everyone’s contributions have an impact?

A bright future
There are so many things we’ll take with us from this pandemic, but the impact it’s had on our teenagers has been deeply unfair. I really hope the class of 2020 can retain some excitement and hope as they consider their next steps. Despite the unfair hand they’ve been dealt, they’ll become trailblazing leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and innovators who have had to dig deep, and work their socks off to succeed. I’m confident that their futures will be incredibly bright. 

To learn more about the GC Index, check out our GC Index partner information. 

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