A new company culture for growth

Learn how our award-winning 3 stage methodology creates new company cultures 

the client


Award-winning ecommerce consultancy Space 48 work with retailers to grow their businesses through designing and building amazing e-commerce experiences. It’s a growing agency based in Manchester and Bath. It had gone through a period of intense change in which it expanded its team, relocated to a new office in a city centre location and made an acquisition. These all affected the team and with new people coming into the business, the MD felt they needed to get a handle on the changes taking place as they were experiencing challenges around performance, employee retention and a clear sense of direction.

the desired outcome


Space 48 wanted to improve ways of working, increase engagement and hence improve performance through re-defining the company culture for future growth. The management’s headline focus was on making the agency a great place to work with excellent customer service and support.



Culture Consultancy was briefed to:

  • Identify how to unlock the performance challenges
  • Bring clarity to Space 48 about its mission, vision and values
  • Create a shared purpose and direction among employees
  • Bring different teams together following an acquisition


the approach


We used our 3 stage methodology:



We conducted a culture assessment using interviews, focus groups and workshops. Employees were encouraged to take part in open conversations about the changes which had taken place and where the company was going. This gave the insight into how staff felt and what their concerns were, including what was hindering performance and what was already great about the existing ways of working. We also explored what leadership practices would likely need to change to enable a shift in culture and performance.


Using a working group of people drawn from across the business we produced a new Mission, Vision, and Values. This approach uncovered synergies amongst employees about what they wanted to achieve for the company as part of this process.

The management team were restructured and the business began to put new teams together to create greater alignment with the newly defined mission, vision and values.


The new Space 48 culture was launched at all company briefing sessions, led by the MD, but involved the people who had contributed to the insight and design of the new culture.

A cross functional ‘culture group’ have now been formed to fully embed the new Space 48 culture.




We designed a culture which resonated throughout the business. This led to employees taking ownership and being more proactive. They are engaged in the company’s success. It also resulted in the creation of a bonus scheme, giving people financial reward for their investment in helping the agency grow whilst also giving further opportunities to employees.


what the client says 


“Through this culture initiative you can see significant change, you can sense that around the office, you can hear it, you can feel it when you talk to people and the type of conversations which you hear. The way Culture Consultancy supported us and structured their approach, the way they did things from the interviews to workshops, and the way they challenged our thinking and stretched us, has been really good.”

Jon Woodall,  MD



Find out how our award-winning 3-stage culture change methodology works.