Evolving culture to become Global Payroll Provider of the Year


the client 


Cloudpay’s global processing capability had led to significant business growth over a number of years, resulting in offices in multiple countries around the world, with a head office in the UK. This growth, a deepening of expertise in the payroll industry and the increasing technological opportunities led the Executive Management team to evolve the business strategy to move from a global payroll processing provider to a global payroll platform provider, supported by payroll processing capability. This meant they would be growing even faster, entering new territories and operating out of a number of additional offices globally. 


the desired outcome 


CloudPay had an existing culture that had enabled success to date but had experienced a number of challenges along the way.  The new Global HR Director recognised that the culture and people dynamics were under strain and wanted to redesign the culture in order to improve both employee performance and the way that employees interacted.  


the objective 


To define a new set of company values which would better fit their new strategic direction and set the business up for future growth.  

They also wanted the values to be translated into tangible behaviours so that all employees were clear on what was expected from them day-to-day. 


the approach 



We quickly completed our CC culture assessment by reviewing all existing people and HR data available, supplemented by a short survey as well as interviews with people across a range of functions and roles.  This included gathering some real stories which identified where the culture of the business was really fueling performance and where it was hindering progress.


Working with the Executive Management Team, we used our Culture Design Programme in a series of workshops and design sessions to shape up the territories for the values, followed by an iterative process to take the EMT on a journey to unlock the final Value set.  

As part of our 4Es methodology, to engage the broader employee population, the EMT were tasked with socialising the new values with groups of employees across the organisation. 

the aim is to engage the people in the future culture, gain feedback and challenge the values so they could be further refined, as well as ensure they apply in every country and allow for all national and cultural differences.  


An employee engagement strategy and the programme was developed including a visual identity for the new values, together with a behavioural competency framework giving employees a clear daytoday guide of how the values are applied to individual roles at the leadership, managerial and employee level.  


the results 


A high level of consistently high performance is now in existence across the business, globally 12 months on Cloudpay is going from strength to strength and have now won the Global Payroll Supplier of the Year Award. 



Our business had changed significantly in recent years, and with rapid growth on the horizon, it became clear that our existing company values no longer accurately reflected our culture. We met Culture Consultancy at the very start of our culture journey. They quickly understood our organisation, and their collaborative methodology fitted well with the way we work. The team made a challenging project simple and effective for us, translating multiple thoughts and ideas into clear and concise language that matched our style. We now have values and competencies which reflect who we are and who we aim to be going forward. 

Judith Lamb,  Vice President, Global HR 



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