Travelling to an organisational culture where everyone is on board


The Client

Keolis Nottingham, part of Keolis Group, makes it easy for people to get from A to B smoothly and safely via tram. They are known for providing a first-class tram network for Nottingham which is accessible to all. Whilst operational performance of the business and customer satisfaction was good, the organisation identified a fall in employee engagement. The company needed help to change behaviours, better engage staff and improve day to day activities.

The Desired Outcome

Keolis Nottingham wanted to improve employee engagement and morale to create an environment where everyone worked together with high levels of trust, to achieve the company’s objectives.


Culture Consultancy was asked to:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Provide clarity of expected behaviours based on the Keolis Group values
  • Create a culture where employees worked well together





We worked with representatives from across the business to identify key competencies, taking care to ensure they fit Keolis’ culture, and the behaviours which make up those competencies.  We used our 4Es Methodology to engage employees and get them on board with what the company was doing.

During this process we enabled Keolis Nottingham to create a working group bringing together employees from all main parts of the company. Doing this, and promoting an open conversation, enabled people to be heard and have input into the process. Members of the working group also talked to colleagues about what they were doing, acting as ambassadors for the culture work, which helped start engagement of the wider staff population even before the process had finished.


Anchoring from the Keolis Group mission and values we developed, through a facilitated exercise, a behavioural competency framework which clearly outlines how people are expected to behave in performing their role – whether they are staff, supervisors or managers. The resultant design ensured that the framework was both intuitive to use, and could easily be integrated into the performance appraisal process, thereby enabling it to be embedded into performance discussions easily and effectively.


To further ensure robust and effective implementation we also designed and delivered manager / supervisor training on how to use the behavioural competency framework; in particular, focusing upon the importance of gathering feedback, assessing behaviours, delivering feedback objectively, and effectively shaping improvement plans.  This was designed and delivered in a way to provide the capability and confidence within the manager and supervisor population to use the framework for everyone’s benefit, with immediate effect.

We also developed an implementation plan to enable Keolis Nottingham to fully and swiftly embed the new behaviours into their culture and ways of working, and thus ensuring a ‘hard-wiring’ of the required behaviours to the desired culture.



Embedding Keolis Nottinghams’ culture through the framework of competencies and behaviours has had several positive effects:

  • Managers and supervisors are more confident about using the appraisal process to positively lead their teams more effectively;
  • Objective conversations around behaviour can now be had with employees because there is a clear and easy to follow framework to refer to;
  • The appraisals process feels more robust;
  • Employees will feel valued and listened to;
  • People from different parts of the business working together has built a greater awareness of all aspects of the business and a greater sense of collaboration.

The working group have chosen to remain actively involved in helping to embed the culture.



“Culture Consultancy have done an excellent job in helping us put together the behaviour competency framework which embraces our values. The suggestions around having the working group and then providing the training for some of the key managers and supervisors, has been excellent – people feel engaged and committed. I’m confident that as we embed these we will see engagement increase and working relationships improve.”

Maria Dobney, HR Manager


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