Workplace culture determines performance and productivity

Building a high-performing culture remains as tough as ever, yet the demands for ever increasing performance and productivity continue to be at the top of leadership priorities.

Energetic, ambitious, and capable people are always a plus, but they often create different issues, represent different functions, products, lines of business, or geographies and can vie for influence, resources, and promotion.

Often there are either not enough of them to go round, the business isn’t sure which are constructive or destructive, team dynamics break down and/or they are not all pulling in the same direction.


The ingredients of a high-performance culture

 Whilst each organisational culture is slightly different there are some common traits to the high performers;

  • A sense of shared purpose, goals and values
  • Exemplary leadership
  • An excellent employee experience
  • High levels of trust
  • Clear structure, policies and processes


Empowering excellence

We believe it’s about maximising everyone’s contributions so you can achieve game changing performance and results.

Companies must align their culture across the whole organisation, but more frequently divisional or departmental leaders need to focus on breaking down siloed working, enhancing the customer experience, increasing employee engagement, accelerating innovation, or successfully delivering change projects just within their area. This means they must create a standalone high performance culture within their team or department and have the tools and process to do it.

Of course, localised high-performance sub-cultures must be aligned with the overarching culture, but often they require deliberate differences which enable performance, productivity and impact to accelerate.


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We assess against 20 key attributes

Our Culture Assessment™ delves deep into your organisation’s DNA, analysing 20 crucial attributes that range from innovation and well-being to results and beyond. It identifies practical aspects of your culture that are driving high performance and should be harnessed, as well as those that may be hindering your organisation’s potential.

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